Monday, March 9, 2009

Bungee Cords and Spare Office Furniture Parts

I went to the grocery store over lunch on Friday. When I get groceries requiring a controlled environment (fridge), I'll also throw my keys in the I don't forget my food at work. Makes sense, right??? Well, Friday was no different.

OK......maybe it was a little different.

At 4:45, I went into the kitchen to grab my bag and keys.

As I was looking through the sack, I found no keys. NO KEYS!!

Checked my pockets. Nope.

Checked my backpack. Nope.

Checked the grocery bag again. Nope.


Robin was walking down the I yelled at her to stop. I asked her if she had any plans that night, and she said I told her to hang on a second. She might be giving me a ride home.

We both went out and looked in the fridge, then out to the car.

No keys.

Oh, oh wait! There they are!! On the floor...IN MY CAR!!


About then, our quality manager came walking by. He stopped to see why there were three of us (Jean in accounting had joined in by then) just standing there.....heads against the door window, staring into my car.

Luckily, it was so nice at lunch, I had opened the sunroof of my car a couple of inches to get some fresh air. I went inside to get a coat hanger, and Norm went to his truck for bungee cords.

All of the coat hangers at work were plastic, but I found this misc piece of office furniture bracketing. It had a notch at the end, that could serve as a hook to grab the keys.

When I got back to my car, Norm was "fishing" with two bungee cords hooked together, trying to fish my keys out of the car....but not having much luck.

I went to the other side, and was trying to hit the unlock button on the door with the bracket. I couldn't see the buttons from where I had to stand to get my arm in the the accounting controller (who had joined the fun by then) was standing on the other side directing me.

It was also then that Mark, the V.P. of manufacturing, strolls by to see what the party was all about. Argh!!!!

JUST as I was about to hit the button on the door, Norm yells "I got them!"

Once the keys were in hand, everyone went to their cars to leave.

Everyone except Robin and I.

We just stood there staring at each other. We were thinking the exact same thing.


I yelled to everyone, "Hang on folks, we need to re-set the scene....Norm, put the keys back...nobody got a picture!!"

Everyone just smiled and got into their cars. They didn't think I was serious.

Go figure. :-)


Brook said...

Well crap-gonna have to get that camera implant and live web feed when it becomes available.

Nej said...

Yeah, I can't seem to do things normally. Lock my keys in the car - do I call someone to come get me, or do I get a ride home? Nope....I end up with half of the office..all gathered around the car....using bungee cords and office furniture. :-)

Anonymous said...

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