Friday, March 27, 2009

California, Here We Come (Part 6)

Monday, March 23rd (cont)

From Napa, we headed in the direction of our next hotel. Mot and I had no clue what it was.....Steve and Danny were keeping it a secret. We love surprises, so neither of us had an issue with not knowing. :-)

We stopped at an overlook along the way, the check out the magnificent views of the Golden Gate bridge. Holy crap!!!'s just so much more when you see it in person!!!!!!

And, as par for the was windier than hell!!!

Along the path to the overlook, you walk past the Battery Spencer.

We then drove to a place where you can get out and walk under the see the view from the other side of the bridge.

The view was good...but the view while under the bridge was by far cooler. Hearing all the vehicles speeding by right over your head...crazy!!!

From the bridge, we drove along the coast.

What a beautiful drive!!!!!!

Mot and I still had no idea where we were staying. As we drove along the coast, the excitement was gathering. Eventually we drove up to this building.

Any guesses at where we stayed?????

(to be cont) :-)

I'll have all the pics from our trip posted on my Webshots page once I'm done with the blogging. I'll post a link when they are up and ready.


Brook said...

I mean this in the best possible way-YOU SUCK! I am so jealous. Seems to me that you guys took the best trip with enough planned stuff and enough free time to really enjoy yourselves. So wanna play 6 yr old and stick my tongue out at you all! I'm going next time!

Nej said...

Yeah, we basically had our hotels, and the spa appt planned. The rest of it was on the fly. We knew we wanted to hit Alcatraz...but we really wanted to do the night tour. We didn't call ahead, and it was full. :-) We knew we wanted to do some wine tastings...but only figured out where that night when we arrived, and bugged the locals in the wine aisle. :-)

The only thing we really wanted to do, but couldn't...was that darn UFO and Bigfoot museum. (hehe)

It didn't hurt any, that we went with an awesome couple of guys. They pretty much mesh with us far as likes and it made it easy!!!

Cowguy said...

Great set of pics... makes me sing Zeppelin's "Going To California" in my head.

Nej said...

@ Cowguy - it's amazing how many songs there are about California and San Francisco. I kept thinking of news ones the whole trip long. :-)