Friday, March 27, 2009

California, Here We Come (Part 7)

Monday, March 23rd (cont)

Well...did you guess the hotel? I didn't either, to be honest...until Steve told us. The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay.

Holy Shit!!!!! You go Steve!

Do you see those 4 rooms that have balconies, on the upper floors. Two of those were ours. Craziness!!!

Here is the view from the room.

Sunset from the hotel grounds.

The locker rooms were insane. Once you wind your way through the catacombs of the women's locker leads you here. A co-ed hot tub room. Pretty shwanky. :-)

After we wandered around the hotel, checking it all out....we headed back into town for dinner. Cameron's Inn, English Pub & Inn.

From there, we went back to the hotel for bed. Mot and I had the fireplace going and the door open. Nothing like a room flickering with fire light and the sounds of the ocean to make for a good nights rest. :-)

Tuesday, March 24th

The next morning we did some shopping in the hotel store and then checked out and were on our way. We stopped at a beach along the way, and enjoyed the surf. Mot took his shoes off and sank his toes in the sand..while I got sand in my sandals. (and didn't mind one bit!)

The drive to the airport was much shorter than any of us we pulled up a rolling footstool, and played cards at the airport.

The trip home was pretty standard. Danny and I sprung for directv programming, and watching Cash Cab for the first half of the flight to Denver. They always have some characters on that show...but the episode we watched went above and beyond in the strange people department!!!

Well.....that's it, our vacation in a "nutshell" so to speak. I'm going to start working on loading all the pics (yes, all - I took well over 400...aren't you glad I parred them down for the blog?) on my Webshots page. I'll let you know when they are up and running. :-)

Nej, out.


Brook said...

Lovely-isn't the sound of the ocean so soothing? And once again seeing the sunset over the Pacific is on my list this year! Oh yeah, I love your red sandals! Love love love them! And a fireplace-how romantic-way to go whoever booked those rooms!

Nej said...

I love love love my red Keens too. I wear them all year round....wearing them right now with white socks...aren't I cool?? (ugh)

I figure, as long as I'm wearing them with sock, with jeans.....and not with shorts and black socks, I'm good to go. (hehe)

I slept sooooo well that night. The best of the trip. Snuggled under the down comforter, with the cool ocean air...nothing better. :-)