Friday, March 27, 2009

California, Here We Come (Part 5)

Monday, March 23rd

Mot, Steve and I loaded into the Jeep to go find breakfast. Napa has no fast food....well, no where that serves breakfast at least. :-)

We were trying to waste time until our spa appointments at 10 am. This place was amazing!!!! Everything you could possibly want and need in the locker rooms. Top of the line luxury. My masseuse was Galia. She was wonderful!!!!

After our spa appointments, the four of us loaded up the Jeep and headed out into the Napa Valley.

First stop, Cline Wineries. We met an employee at Safeway the night before, and she told us all about the place. We're glad she did. The people working there when we arrived we just as nice! And the wine was wonderful.

Between the four of us, we picked up 4 bottles of wine, and a box to put them in....for airport checked baggage.

(we got the box that would hold 12 bottles - didn't want to restrict ourselves) :-)

After Cline, we headed to Sonoma for a food and wine pairing reservation we'd made at the Mayo wineries. 8 different wines, with 8 different foods. Crazy good!!

We bought two bottles there. :-)

Here is a pic of the second round of pairings...with the bolder (bigger :-) red wines. Absolutely good to the last, lick.....

From there, we stopped at an Olive Oil tasting.

Surprisingly enough, Mot and I didn't buy any. But Danny and Steve did.

The food at the pairing was great...but there just wasn't much of it....and after the tasting, I was feeling a bit...well....toasty. And the boys were still hungry. Danny spotted a nice little Mexican place along the highway, so we stopped.

As we were sitting on the front patio....locals were pulling up for lunch. They were hesitating in the parking lot...debating on whether they should come in with us there. It was a little...strange...but the tacos were wonderful!!!!!!!

(to be cont)

I will post all of the pictures from our trip on my Webshots soon as I'm done posting blog entries. I'll put up a link when they are ready.

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