Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Hockey Time

The last Maverick hockey game has come and gone. It's so sad.

I know, I know....let it all out.


Mot and I had two vouchers for pairs of free tickets, and we wanted to use them during this last game. We brought Robin and Aaric and my mom and dad.

It was an OK game. It was new ice, so the skating was slow. But, we the shootout. It ended on a good note, can't ask for much more than that!!

(except maybe making the playoffs, but I'm not bitter - hehe)

I've mentioned Danny and I dancing with the pep band while the arena plays Cotton-Eyed Joe in between the 2nd and 3rd period. Tuesday night, we were too busy gabbing to remember. Once they started to play the song, Danny (sitting immediately in front of me) jumps up and starts cuttin' a rug right there in the stands.

I couldn't help myself....I got my camera out and started recording towards the end.

I don't use the video setting on my camera often. So I didn't realize you can't take a video on the vertical. You have to keep it horizontal. The video is too funny to not post.

So everyone....lean your head to your left.

Notice how at the end, it hit me that the video was going to be on it's I put it back on the horizontal? I'm such a nerd!!!! :-)


Brook said...

Sniffling T_T hockey is over. I haven't followed it at all this year so the tears are for you. Oh, and I don't know who I'd have been, the nerd dancing or the nerd filming sideways-probably both!

Nej said...

This time I was the nerd filming sideways.....but I've been the dancing nerd as well. I like to shake things up to prevent boredom. :-)