Thursday, February 26, 2009

Non-water drinkers unite!!!!

I'm the worst water drinker ever known to man!!!!!!!

Really, the worst.

Well...ok...maybe not THE worst. Robin's sister and mother refuse to drink water...ever. I'm not that bad. But I do not drink my recommended daily allowance. Nor do I even come close to said allowance.

I do drink skim milk though, and that's basically water with white coloring...right??

When I was in high school, I drank so much milk my doctor ordered me to not drink all...for six months. I was drinking so much of it, my body didn't know what to do with it. So, it was leaving calcium deposits in every joint it could come up. Knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders. I was in pain it was so bad. Milk. Who knew???

So anyway. After the six months, I switched to skim milk...and cut back how much I drank. I was drinking a gallon a day at one time. I love me some milk!!!

I also used to drink Mountain Dew...."nectar of the gods" a crazy fool. If I wasn't at home drinking milk, I was out in public drinking Dew.

There came a point in my life where I decided I needed to stop drinking all of the I quit Mountain Dew, and switched to Diet Coke. (yeah, yeah....just as many chemicals, if not more - the advertising worked, I admit says diet, must be better, right?)


Early last year, I cut it out as well. I'll still have an occasional soda here and there....but they are few and far between.

I tried drinking green tea instead. Love hot green tea, but drinking it day after day got old.

Unless I'm outside in the heat or eating a meal, water doesn't go over well with me. It actually makes my stomach upset...crazy, eh?

One day at the grocery store, I found these.....

And now it's all I drink. A sugar free, calorie free way to make my water taste yummy. I consider it the equivalent of getting your child's cough syrup flavored by the pharmacist. After all, I'm a kid at heart.

There are a ton of flavors, but fruit punch and I get along quite nicely. So that's the one I drink.

If you've never tried these, and want to...and it's the fruit punch mix you pick up...I have a few pointers.

Never put it in the glass, and then put your glass directly under the faucet to fill it. The powder will puff up, and coat the faucet. You won't know it happened, but the next time you turn the faucet on, you water will run red.

Wasn't there some biblical reference to water running red? Anyway.....

Also, make sure it's mixed really well before drinking. That same powder that attaches itself to your faucet will turn your lips red if not totally mixed.

It's similar to putting grape Kool-Aid powder in a friends sleeping bag...while the middle of the summer. They get in their bag, it's warm out, they sweat, and voila!!!!....they are stained purple for weeks.

Not that I've ever done it.

Or seen it done.


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Brook said...

A recipe! I love it! The powder poofing bit is an excellent tip. I confess we make Wylers soft drink mix(I just checked a packet)usually red, pink, or purple flavors-you can laugh-with just a quarter cup of sugar. I wish they made little packets that way. I have never learned to like artificial sweeteners-and it's mostly the flavor I have trouble with(I admit the no calorie part is appealing)I have never dyed anyone purple but am so glad to know the trick! Seriously-I think my sister would laugh-if we dyed our hubbies! snort giggle cough cough.