Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Busy, busy, busy.

I escaped work (well, I left at, that doesn't really count as escape, per se). So, let's say I was able to get the heck out of Dodge (finally!) and head home. The quartet gals had to cancel our rehearsal that I was free!!! I contemplated hitting the gym, since my bag was in the trunk of my car.

After much contemplation (2 or 3 seconds at least) I decided to head straight home so Mot and I finished picking the place up for our weekend guest. It's not like our house is ever trashed.....we're pretty clean folk. But, it's nice having people over every once and a while, if for no other reason than to clean hidden dirt and dust you're able to ignore on a normal day. :-) :-)

Mot had the place pretty well picked up by the time I got home. The kitchen was cleaned, the bathroom was scrubbed, and he....get this...he dusted!! He hates dusting!!!

I finished picking up the vivarium tools and supplies, so I could hide them in a closet somewhere, cleaned upstairs, then we headed out to the grocery store. We needed dinner supplies for Saturday night.

It took Mot quite a while to finally settle on a dinner menu. He battled back and forth between a number of comfort food meals.....fried chicken, meatloaf, pork loin roast, etc......but finally settled on meatloaf.

Mel and Sheila arrived around 1:00 or so on Saturday and we headed off to our favorite place...The Nebraska Brewery. Sheila is a bit of a beer connoisseur and really enjoys a couple of their we try and eat there at least once every visit so she can take a growler of her favorite home.

(Mot loves their beer as we use Sheila as a convenient excuse to go, she doesn't mind!!)

After lunch, we headed over to World Market. All of the Omaha stores are closing, and the inventory liquidation sales have begun. The sales are great when these stores close...but it's getting depressing. Linens and Things went away not too long ago....and although we ended up getting a steal of a deal on a new set of knives and a copper core stainless steel set of pots and's still a bummer to see the stores closed.

After lunch (and a little shopping) we headed back to our house to hang out. We played some Guitar Hero (they brought us our copy of World Tour, and I have to say...the song selection, so far, is awesome!!) plus we had the laptop out so Mel. We'd attempted to run an HDMI cable to our TV, to watch episodes of our favorite shows online, on our TV. Picture was fine...but we weren't able to get the sound running. Mel fixed it. She rocks!!!

Mot put the meatloaf in the oven to cook....and we ate about 7:00 or so. It was marvelous (as all his cooking usually is). He's pretty hard on himself when it comes to his food, but I've only ever tasted one or two epic failures.

He once made spaghetti so hot, neither one of us could eat it....and he LOVES hot food. I never could understand why he was trying to make spicy spaghetti. :-)

We started watching some episodes of The Big Bang Theory after dinner. Quite possibly the funniest show ever!!! They'd never seen it, so we hauled out a couple of disks, and entertained ourselves for a couple hours. The show brings tears to your eyes. :-)

Between the beer at lunch, the margaritas before supper, the margaritas during supper, and then the pomegranate martinis after dinner...we were all feeling pretty decent. But it wasn't too long before we were all ready for bed.

Sunday am, we got up, and Mot made his biscuits and gravy. (heaven on earth!) We cleaned up, dissected the Sunday newspaper, then headed out to see what we could find to do. We were all barely awake, and now staying in the house would have resulted in napping and all-out laziness. :-)

Mel suggested finding an Asian market, but all of the ones we checked weren't open, so we headed to Costco, then Nebraska Furniture Mart.

We almost bought a Wii at Costco, and we almost replaced Mot's computer upstairs at the mart. It was then we decided window shopping probably wasn't a good idea.

Heck, window shopping is NEVER a good idea for us. (hehehe)

When we got back, we sliced one of the loaves of ciabatta bread Mot made the day before in half (long ways) and made some tasty pizzas for a light lunch.

I'm sure I gained 8 or 9 pounds over the course of the weekend. :-)

Just as they were getting ready to head back to Des Moines, the phone rang. We let the machine get it so we could say our goodbye's. The caller didn't leave a message on the home phone, but we noticed both Mot's and my cell phone also had missed calls. Then the home phone rang again. That's never a good sign.

Mot's grandmother fell while out for lunch, and was taken to the hospital. We rushed over to see what was up. After an hour or so wait, the doctors finally came back with xray results, and told us nothing was broken (thank goodness!). She was still experiencing some pretty decent pain in her abdomen, so they scheduled a CAT scan. She was in a drug induced stupor, so Mot and I headed home, and waited for the results.

Turns out there was some internal issues caused by the fall, and they put her into surgery right away. We got a call late last night that everything went very well, and she was recovering in ICU. Mot is heading over there now to see how she's doing today. She should be awake and ready for visitors. (p.s. She's 96 or 97. The woman is strong as an ox, mentally and physically.)

You's getting so every weekend/holiday update I post has a family member in the hospital. It's not something I want to get used to. It could stop and I wouldn't complain.

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