Friday, January 16, 2009

If it kills me...(update)

Here's my list of what I wanted to get accomplished...and updates on what actually happened when I got home (not that any of you really care). :-)

1) laundry - all of it...folded, put away, the works!!! I did actually get it all done...folded and put away. Well, except the bag of Mot's uniforms, that I found in the bedroom as I was getting ready for bed. Those are in the washing machine now...but I'm still counting my laundry night as a success. It's amazing, I actually found there is a floor under all those clothes that were piled in the laundry room. And, my closet....can I tell you about all the choices of clothes I had to wear today? It's amazing!!!! :-)

2) put books away - we've acquired a million books (maybe a slight exaggeration) in the last week...and they are just piled up on the desk in the den All done. We have one wall that is completely full. There are nothing but shelves on this wall, and no more room for books. How cool is that? :-) (yes, we're book nerds, I admit it)

3) clean the bathroom (sexy, eh?) This was a big strike. I thought about cleaning it, briefly. But decided I'd just be cleaning it again Saturday morning before our guests, I'll just wait until then. It's called time management. (hehe)

4) put that fish tank away (for the weekend)...the vivarium work is still progressing...but I'm getting sick of it sitting in my living room....especially with guests coming over this weekend.... Well, because I'm terrified to move the fish tank and mess up all the stuff we've done to it so far, I asked Mot to move it for me. He's going to do it today. So, officially, I got the tank moved last night...or at least set the plans in motion for it to be done. That's close enough, right????

I walked in the door last night, and immediately changed into my new pajamas. Ahhhh...comfy clothes. Therapy for the soul!!!

We ate dinner soon after I got home...which was mighty tasty, even though Mot didn't look at the package of sausages before he cooked with them. During the meal realized he cooked his pasta dish using bratwurst instead of Italian sausage. I still brought the leftovers in today for lunch. It was tasty! :-)

Also, while folding (for storage) the last of the blankets from our upstairs closet....I watched my first episode of Ghost Hunters International for the season. do I say this without offending those that are fond of the international ghost hunter failure? Whoops....did I say failure? Well, that's what I was thinking, but probably not the smoothest, and nicest, way to put it.

GHI is horrible!!! I have hopes it will get better...but I miss Jay and Grant. :-(

When a person actually picks folding laundry over being glued to the TV in know the show just isn't cutting it. H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E.

Mot spent the evening playing Wow again...big surprise, eh??? I was supposed to be getting my hair cut, so him playing didn't really upset me much. It was what happened yesterday afternoon with the game that annoyed me.

(warning, wife vs WoW rant)

I called home to talk. I was having a bad day here at work...and just needed a sane (ish) person to talk to. He was doing that whole thing where I speak, or ask a question....and he responds, with a three second delay.

This means he's playing on the computer and not paying attention to a word I say.

He'll say he hears me and what I'm saying.....but he isn't really. When he responds with that delay, it means "hang on honey, this game is more important.....I'll talk to you when I can."


I can hear him clicking away on the keyboard and mouse...and with every blood pressure rises one or two notches.

When the game beats me out for my hubby's attention...well, I get annoyed.... jealous.... frustrated... embarrassed......

You pick a term, they all apply.


Whatever will I do with that man....that poor "addicted WoW" man of mine??

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Lyvvie said...

I fold laundry whilst watching TV - you can too!!

I need an e-mail to send your questions to, love. Send me something at lyvvie at gmail dot com okallright?