Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You just can't help but laugh!!!!

My sister's kids had their holiday music concert Monday night.

I say "holiday" concert for two reasons.

#1 - isn't that what everyone is doing these days - we must be politically correct :-)
#2 - they sang equal parts Christmas and Hanukkah songs

There is something about sitting through a concert of K-6 graders trying to sing.

K - They walk on stage looking either terrified or like they own the world, no middle ground. The show usually includes one (if not all) of the following. Someone falls off the rises, someone pukes, and/or a girl hikes her skirt up to her armpits.

1st, 2nd and 3rd - They get gradually little better each year. They pay more attention, and actually sing, rather than scream, the words.

4th - For some reason, these guys are obviously the music teacher's favorites. They had fun songs and props. Props make everything more fun to watch, right??

5th and 6th - These guys seem to be the misfits. There were FAR more boys than girls in 6th grade. Takes me back to my K-2nd grade days. I was one of two girls. And it didn't go over well when I moved out of town....let me tell ya!

There was one grade with a particular girl in the front row. She was wearing a long gown, to the floor...make of this silvery-greyish material. Her hair was in a bun, and she was...well.....she was a little off. I mean, she kinda sang, you could kinda see her mouth moving....and she kinda did the choreography. But she was stoic. There was not one fiber of personality in her. She did the bare minimum of movement. I'd be surprised if teachers didn't put a mirror under her nose to see if she was, in fact, still breathing.

One class had a Sopranos wanna be. Totally Jersey-like. Attitude, the hand and head movements, the works.

The concert was surprisingly quick, and painfully funny. I don't want kids, but they are fun to watch from afar. :-)

Here are some pics of the munchkins before we left for the school.


Mel said...

Lauren is just absolutely gorgeous! They're such hams!

Nej said...

She is, isn't she? (and she knows it) :-)

Brandon was a gorgeous baby and toddler and is in the awkward young boy phase. He's going to be another looker once he grows into his body. Can't wait!!!! :-)