Thursday, December 11, 2008

The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!!!

Man, that movie is full of one liners!!!

Anyway.....focus Nej!!

The reason for my new jersey is here, my new jersey is here!!! :-) :-)

Mot went and picked it up for me yesterday afternoon. I called him the minute I got the "your jersey has been washed and is ready to be picked up" email. Isn't he sweet????

Isn't it the most atrocious thing you've ever seen? It's so bad, it's wickedly awesome!!!! :-)

I am now going to officially be one of those ladies you see walking around at a hockey game...wearing a jersey that 10 times too big....with a man's name (that's not her hubby) on the back.

Yep, again, proof that I'm a nerd.

But......I'm a nerd with a tax deductible charitable contribution, that she can wear. Two birds, one stone!!!! :-) :-)

Can I pack any more punctuation in this post? (!!!????)

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