Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Taking a compliment....

This is the one thing I think I do the worst!!! (and I do allot of things badly, so that's saying something)

Mot "You look really nice today!"
Nej " I don't"
Mot "Really, you do."
Nej "You crack me"

Or there was this one at the hair stylist the other day.

Becci "Hey, part your hair for me, the way you had it when you came in, it looked really cool."
Nej (staring at Becci)
Becci "No really, here." (hands me a comb)
Nej "You're funny. It looks cool when you do it."
Becci "Seriously"
Nej "OK....well, thanks."

Or this one, at a vocal coaching session.

Coach "You have a great smile, and an infectious laugh."
Nej (laughs, without showing teeth, hiding smile) "No I don't"
Coach "Yeah, you do. It's great!"
Nej (laughs) "Nah"
Coach (doesn't know me, so probably thinks I'm the rudest person ever - changes topic)

I just can't do it. Do they have "how to take a compliment" school??

How hard is it to say "thanks!!!!" ?

What the hell is my problem?????


Me! said...

I'm kind of the same way. It's not that I don't like compliments, it's just hard to react to them sometimes without turning red.

Nej said...

I turn absolutely beet red. Like "just out of a tanning booth I've been in for an hour" red. It's horrible. :-)

My niece cracked me up last night. She was looking cute as ever, of course, and I told her. She says "I know" and smiled.

Man, to be 6 years old again!!! :-)