Wednesday, December 10, 2008


If you'll all remember, I wrote a post not too long ago about the "funk" Mot has been in lately.

He went to North Platte to hunt with his brother, and came back in a better mood. Still not his usual self, but better than when he left.

Before he left, he was getting a should I say this......over the WoW (video game) arena. He goes through stages, where his addiction gets a little out of control.

Like "I don't see him for days on end...because it's all he does" out of control. Seriously! :-)

I was hoping his trip west would help with the funk, and the video game playing. And, for the most part, it did.

-- He went back to work on Sunday - I was home.
-- He was home Monday - I had to work, then had a holiday music thing for my niece and nephew to attend. He was invited to go, but he gave me the "I would rather rip out my heart with a spoon" look. (Why a spoon? Because it will hurt more. - One of my favorite movie lines ever!)
-- He was at work Tuesday - I came home after the gym, and was there all evening.
-- He is home today - I have another Christmas thing to attend.

These periods in time, where our schedules don't match, occur once and a while. But this one came at a pretty good time.

It came just after he'd been in a funk, and then decided to leave me for three days to go hunting.
Our conversation this morning went as follows....

Mot "So, am I finally going to see you tonight...or do you have plans, again?"
Nej "Nope, I have a Christmas thing my grandma asked me to go to."
Mot "Oh, fine...leave me again. I see how you are." (with a dramatic flare..or is it flair?)
Nej "You're the one that left me for three days straight last week."
Mot "uh....well..........that's different"
Nej (eye roll)

Also, while I'm on the topic of Mot and his funk....I thought I'd update you on a little insight to said funk. :-)

It seems Mr. Mot isn't feeling well. He swears he'll go to the doc to get it checked out after the first of the year. His insurance provider is changing (the one we have now blows goats)....and I don't blame him for wanting to avoid dealing with them not paying for something they are supposed to pay for. It's getting really old!!

But....there's another reason for the funk. Snoring. Yes, I said it...snoring!!!!

The other boys at the fire station have had enough with the increase in his snoring.

(increase in both the activity itself...and the volume)

They have started throwing things at him to wake him up...pillows, etc. So, not only does he have to get up multiple times during the night to help people in need, he is now also being woke up by the dudes that AREN'T getting called out...and have been able to sleep the whole night. (Mot is a paramedic, on a squad. They make far more runs than the guys on the fire trucks.)

It's now so bad, that he's trying to find a new "home" to transfer to. Some of the fire stations in town have been remodeled, so that each person has a room of their own. It's only big enough for the bed, and space to walk around it...but it's still a room of your own, none the less.

Here are my issue with this.

He's been very happy at this house he's in now. He (up until now) gets sleep most nights, the guys there are good to work with, it's very close to home, etc, etc. It's annoying that he's thinking about switching because the guys are waking him up.

Instead of trying to find the cause of the increased snoring, and maybe fix it (which would require a doctor visit...and we just CAN'T do that - why are men like that?)...instead of trying to fix it....he's going to switch fire stations?

That's like fixing the symptoms but not the cause of the issue. It could go on forever!!!

So far, I'm not waking him up when it happens, right? But....I'm still being woken (is that a word) up by it, right? So...maybe he should go to the doctor? If the doc can help, it will fix his issue at the fire station as well as let his wife sleep. :-)

I know, that's carrrrazzzyyyy talk. :-)

This is just another attempt at telling, my typical man, that doctor's aren't evil. Before he does anything hasty, like switching stations, maybe he should see if he can fix the issue?


Me! said...

Well, at least it had nothing to do with you! :-) Oh, and he should really look into that snoring issue. Some people really have a problem and should see a doctor -- there are solutions without having to run from it!

Nej said...

Let me give you his phone number.

But, seriously, we talked about it again last night, and he agreed that he needed to do something about it.

He knows, he just hates doctors worse than anything. (and his family is full of them) :-)