Friday, December 19, 2008

War of the Roses?????

The holidays are approaching.

What? You didn't already know that? Come on, every news report, blog and television station in the nation hasn't completed drilled that into your head yet? Well then....let me help.

The holidays are approaching!!!!!!

OK, that was just plain silly, wasn't it???

I'm a little slap happy today. Call it cabin fever, call it "I finally got some sleep last night", call it we got 3 inches of ice and 2 inches of snow on top of that ice last it what you want.

But any way you slice it, I have two days left of work in the year 2008. And those two days (well, plus today, so, does that actually make it three days)...anyway, those 2+ days couldn't go fast enough!!!!

Yesterday afternoon, at about 2:30 or so.....I actually felt the motivation leave my body. I was working away at my computer...and all of a sudden....I didn't want to work any more. Maybe it was the holiday related emails I had been getting? Maybe it was the weather reports? But, I can tell you the exact moment all motivation left me.

I can't wait for the week and a half I have off for the holidays (never mind that I'm not getting paid for it). There are projects at home that can now be completed, at a leisurely pace.

I need to wrap gifts, finish cleaning out the closet in the spare bedroom, clean out the freezer, finish modifying the new curtains for the bedroom.

(No, I haven't finished that project yet!! I got one done....and used up all my patience - and cuss words - on the sewing machine. I'll do the other two windows next week. When no one is there to hear me.)

Best part of all....I have some days off, during the week...and Mot has to work. This never happens!!! He gets to stay home, while I go to work. All the time. And, to be completely honest, it's infuriating, and I'm jealous!!!! I admit it!

Speaking of infuriating.....there is a mini battle, war, dispute brewing at the Mot and Nej homestead.

(although Mot may not be aware of it - poor guy!!)

I'm not saying that I'm in the right on this one.....because I am the first one to admit I'm not always right. Not even close.

I am a snooze button hitting machine in the morning. My alarm goes off 1/2 hour before I want to get out of I can hit the snooze a minimum of 3 times. Those last little bits of 9 minutes of sleep at a time are pure heaven. It's like I'm stealing time....I can wake up gradually...I can mentally prepare for the day.

Mot thinks it's pure madness!!! (and I'm sure he's not alone in his beliefs)

But darn it, it's who I's what I do. I can't change who I am, can I?? No way! :-)

This morning though, the snooze hitting REALLY didn't go over well.

I won't mention Mot waking me up at god knows what time, because he was up playing in a Quake online tournament late last night. I won't mention his snoring problem getting worse, and actually waking me up in the middle of the night (or keeping me from getting to sleep at night).

NO, because mentioning those things would be low, petty and childish.


I actually laughed when he tried to sneak into the bedroom quietly last night....I didn't yell or get mad. I laughed.

I actually giggled when I tried to snuggle up against him for the last block of nine minute snooze time I had before getting up. My head was on his chest, and he was snoring up a storm. That snore of his reverberated throughout his chest cavity....on which my head was placed. :-)

He has no where to go today....and no serious plans, that I know of. Yet, my snooze really ticked him off. Argh!

But, I got out of bed, and quickly forgot about it.

Then, he said I should take the Jeep...and take advantage of the AWD in this crazy weather we got last night.

(as I mentioned above, 3 inches of sleet, rain and ice....topped with 2 inches of snow)

I found out this morning, that I can't reach the darned windshield to scrape it all off. The ice was thick, and the defrosters weren't touching it. I poked, proded, scrapped, and cussed silently at the windows for awhile...then eventually gave up.

I grew up driving cars...we never had 4 wheel drive. I'm used to driving in crappy weather. Why am I scrapping these windows again????

I had spent the morning, scooping the patio in the back so the dogs had somewhere (outside of their dog house) without snow. I kicked and stepped on their water bowl, trying to free the I could give them fresh water. I played with them in the snow - oh how they love the snow!!!!

So, by the time it came to window scraping, I was done in....pooped, tired, and getting frustrated.

And when I went inside, he was snoring away. Argh!!!!!!!!!

I yelled something along the lines of "what the f*ck good is 4 wheel drive, if I can't drive the d*mn thing!!"....and slammed the door leading to the garage as I left.

(turns out, that is an AWESOME slamming, that was loud!!!)

Childish of me? YES!!!! But, did it make me feel better? YES!!! :-) :-)

I hate asking for help, hate it with every fiber of my being. I was raised to be independent...and when I need just plain bugs me. I can't drive my own vehicle because I can't reach the windshield to get the ice off. Argh!!!!!!! And my hubby is sleeping away, minding his own business...and didn't get the telepathic message I was sending him!!!!!

"Get out of bed and help your wife!"

Darn him. (hehehehehe)

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