Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silver Lining Lunch

Because of my rushed morning....I had another stupid (nerd-like) Wednesday am. It's becoming a trend, actually.

Join me on nerdy Wednesdays. Hilarity will ensue.

Basically, my morning went like this. Nej gets up early, Nej gets ready for work, Nej remembers it's garbage day and Mot isn't home to do it for her (again), Nej goes outside to put the garbage out and discovers freezing rain and snow on the ground, Nej tries to not fall on her way to the curb with garbage can and recyclables, Nej gets into car and remembers that she drove home on fumes yesterday and doesn't have enough fuel to get her to work, Nej follows the slowest freezing rain drivers of all times to the gas station, Nej remembers she didn't pack herself a lunch.


No worries!!! I have a few things in my desk drawer that I can heat up. Canned soup and such, for just such occasions.

Today's pick, Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, Sesame Teriyaki Chicken.

Oh holy hell!!!! Should you ever decide to eat this, just lick your shoe or something. Really, it has to taste better!!!!!

Gross, disgusting, vile, putrid, nastiness!! ( I should know better, never trust meals boasting they contain meat...and don't need refrigerated.) :-)

After one bite, I threw it away, and headed out to Blimpies' for a sub. Buffalo chicken, on marbled rye....heaven.

There's this lady in line. Let me start describing, it won't take long before you know EXACTLY what kind of lady this was.

1) Long, floor length, white, puffy fake down, dirty coat.
2) Knit stocking cap, dirty.
3) Drew Cary glasses.
4) Constantly sniffling her nose.
5) Bitching about the new menus. "I can't find anything on them, they're ugly, why did they change them, they're so hard to read, I don't know what I want."
6) She's too busy bitching about the menu, and has YET to actually read it.
7) The person behind the counter isn't helping, she's answering her every comment (some people need ignored!!)
8) It turns out this lady is there every day. EVERY DAY!! Who cares if you can't read the menus, you should have it memorized by now. Order what you normally get and shut the f*ck up!

By now, I'm just staring at her....with one of those "are you f*cking kidding me" looks.

She eventually looks at me. (the snickering probably attracted her attention) I raise my eyebrows in my best "for the love of god, are you done bitching? can you order now?" look.

She glares at me...."well, if you know what you want, YOU can order"....and she walks over...stands in front of me (maybe 1 foot between me and the counter)..."so, are you going to order?"

The whole world centers around this chick (or chick type thing - the jury is still out). She's there everyday, so she obviously owns the store, and all the oxygen in it!!!

You know what, I'm not in the mood. If I say something, I might actually hit her.....and the law frowns upon that kind of thing. Drat!!!! I continue with the snickering, but keep from saying anything more than my order.

She huffed when the person behind the counter and I shared an eye roll. :-)

I bring my sandwich back to work, and sit down to finally sort through the blogs I haven't read since Wednesday last week.

It's not that I feel guilty if I don't read's just, miss allot of interesting, entertaining, and useless information if you don't keep current!!!

This was one I'd missed.....

Thank you Dr Zibbs @ That Blue Yak...I needed this!!!!!! :-)

Silver lining for a Wednesday afternoon lunch.

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Me! said...

Lol, I too don't trust anything that contains meat yet can be kept in a pantry or drawer :-)