Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm such a nerd!

Really, if you've read this blog for any amount of time, you'll agree with me completely!!!

(It's OK to agree. I'm the first to admit my nerdiness!)

I did actually get up when my alarm went off this morning...if you can believe it.

OK, you got me....I set it to go off 15 minutes earlier, so I could continue on with my current "hit the snooze 17 times" trend.

But, however it happened, I got up when I should have today! I was able to take a shower, sit on my closet floor and stare at my clothes until an option jumped off the hanger at me, then help get the trash out for garbage day.

Mot had taken quite a bit of it out already, so I got the stuff from upstairs and from the basement. As I was taking the recycling container out to the curb, I noticed no one else on the block had theirs out yet.

I still have yet to figure out our trash pick-up schedule, after over a year and a half of living here. The holidays completely mess it up....and I've never seen a holiday schedule printed anywhere.

Because picking up stray recyclables scattered around my yard by the wind was the last thing I wanted to do tonight, I put them back in the garage. If the garbage people DO pick up today, at least the actual garbage will be taken. The recyclables can wait a week without creating a 'funk' in the garage.

I go back into the house, and just stand in the kitchen looking at the clock. Wow!! I'm really running ahead of schedule (read - I'm not dashing around like a crazy person because I'm really, really late!) what do I do??

Well.....since this week is a complete 'watch what I eat failure' (due to the holiday tomorrow), I'll use this extra time by treating myself to Burger King for breakfast!!!

(I know, there's no rationalization to this idea, but it made sense this morning!)

As I'm driving down my street....I notice garbage cans out on the curb. seems my neighbors are slow, or out of town.....because the rest of the neighborhood still seems to think they'll be trash service.

So, I turn around and drive back home to put the recyclables out. (you see, I'm a nerd, told ya!!!)

I was still able to get breakfast and drive to work....and arrive early. There is no traffic....I could get used to this!!!!! :-)


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Me! said...

Getting up early (ummm, or at least on time) is something I'm trying soo hard to work at. I love that feeling of accomplishment in the morning when you actually have time to do stuff without rushing around ... or skipping the shower. Maybe I'll try setting my clock earlier.