Monday, November 24, 2008

What to do, what to do??

My sister is hosting Thanksgiving this year.

Pro: I don't have to rush around and get my house super special "oh my god, people are coming" cleaned.

Con: Non home cooked Thanksgiving food. Yes, she has the grocery store catering department make it for her.

Pro: The food isn't horrible.

Con: The food isn't wonderful.

Pro: Family getting together on the holidays, shouldn't matter what we's about being together and being thankful.

Con: I have to spend it with her in laws!!! They aren't even my in laws, and I have to deal with them!! We can never have a holiday or celebration at her house, without them. She specifically said it was going to be an our side of the family only event this year.....and I find out yesterday that they are coming.

Maybe I can contract the Ebola virus between now and then?

Maybe someone can send me a letter with a strange powdery I can spend the holiday in some sort of quarantine chamber?

Maybe the FBI will come and take me away....because I have now googled Ebola and anthrax from my work computer for the benefit of this blog entry? :-) :-)

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