Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tidbits and thoughts on our vacation (day 1 - Sat)

We're out of here!!!! Left this morning, bright and early...destination: Portland, OR. Hell, any destination that isn't Omaha, NE works for me, I'm not picky right now.

4:45, the alarm goes off. We both just lay there. Maybe we shouldn't have stayed up so late last night watching Ghost Hunters Live?? Nah! You only live once, right?

Robin (bless her soul) showed up at our doorstep at 5:30, in her jammies. I spared her and didn't get photographic evidence. See what a good friend I am?

Mot was a might bit snippy again this am. I can honestly say, if this trip out of the Midwest doesn't perk his spirits, I'm going to start poking him with sharp pointy sticks until he smiles!!!

We fought at the airport, we fought on the plane, we fought at the Denver airport. Are you sensing a trend here??

As we're flying into the Denver airport, I look out over the landscape and giggle. When people come to Omaha to visit us (and they've never been there before), they comment about how it's not flat. "I thought you were all cornfields and flat farmland." But, as I fly into Denver, I notice how absolutely flat it is. Isn't Denver in the mountains? (hehe)

Our flight from Denver to Portland was 3 hours. Way too long for Mot to be expected to sit still. I was sitting on the window seat again, and Mot was in the middle. The outside seat was occupied by this strange man. Everything he said began with 'bro.' "Hey bro, how's it going?" "Bro, where you flyin' to?" and my favorite "Bro, if you're cold, I have a sweatshirt in the overhead bin you can wear, Bro."

Yes, not only was the offer kinda spooky, but he also managed to put bro at the beginning AND end of his statement. :-)

Our flight was due to arrive in Oregon at 10:11. Our pilot came on the intercom about 20 minutes before landing, and told us we'd be getting in 10:10. One whole minute early, wow!!! :-)

We picked up our rental car (baby blue!) and found our way to Canby, where his brother lives. Him and Sharon had been duck hunting that morning, so we actually beat them to their house. By the time we got unloaded, they arrived with take out Thai food. It was pretty darned good. :-)

As I sit here, typing this on Tuesday afternoon, I can't for the life of me think of everything we did on Saturday after arriving, funny huh?

I know we all loaded up and ran some errands....a little shopping for supper stuff (we grilled out steaks and potatoes)...we stopped and bought our hunting licenses....and I just can't remember what else.

We pretty much lazed around their house and talked.....played a little xbox 360...and hung out.

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Mel said...

Weird... this sounds just like Shel and I. The best part of fighting is making up. :)