Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tidbits and thoughts on our vacation (day 2 - Sun)

Today was our first day of hunting in Oregon. Bill and Sharon lease land, so that's where we headed at 4:30 am.

I have the worst luck when it comes to duck hunting. There are never actually any ducks just never fails. I go to Mot's oldest brother's place in North Platte - no ducks....we go to our buddy's land in Iowa - no ducks....we come to Portland, OR - no ducks. :-) :-)

(this is how much we both love it when we take pictures of each other)

After standing in the flooded corn for numerous hours, and seeing nothing....we all decided to take off across the field to the other side of the water....where we'd seen a pheasant flying earlier.

On my way across, my feet got stuck in the muck, and down I went. I was only wearing hip waders (think chaps), but, sitting in the mud and muck - well, that isn't a good idea. I was covered in mud, from the waist down. Nasty, icky, duck poop containing muck. :-)

(oh, I made the most girly sounding squeal when I fell....and none of them heard it, I couldn't believe it)

Not only did I fall into the mud, I then couldn't get back up and out. I fell because both of my waders boots were stuck, and falling didn't help loosen them. So, now I have a a gun in the air, my legs at odd angles with feet stuck in the ground, and no possible way to get the leverage I need to get up. So, I sat there a while.

Mot's brother was the closest, but he looked right at me (in my camo) and moved on. He didn't see me!!!! (guess the camo was working) hehe

I finally plunged my hand into the water, down into the muck, and pushed myself out. That was pleasant - not!

And then, to add insult to injury, a duck who had been sitting in the corn about 20 feet from where I fell in, and just as I got decided to fly away. I was a mess, my hand was coated in muck, my gun was raised at an odd angle from trying to keep it clean and dry....and this duck (we call it the f*ck you duck) flies right there in front of me. Everyone else was in the corn pheasant hunting, so I just had to watch it fly away. Figures :-)

The pheasant was never found, and there were no birds flying, so we decided to gather up some decoys (we were hunting in a different spot the next time we went out) and call it a day.

(Mot with a decoy on his head. Isn't he cute!!??!!??)

As we were picking up decoys, I heard a shotgun blast. I turned around to see Mot killing a duck....yeah, we got one that day....finally!

After we pulled in the decoys, I stripped down to my long johns and sat on Mot's coat in the hopes to keep the leather upholstery as dry as possible. We were all hungry, but there was no way I was going in anywhere, in my current state of dress/undress. I'm pretty sure Sharon as in agreement, and we were wearing nearly identical post hunting clothing. :-)

We ended up doing through the Sonic drive-through, then drove over to the Albertson's parking lot to eat. After we were done eating, Bill went in to get groceries, while the three of us waiting for him.

He was in there for what seemed like forever. :-) While he was gone, Mot proceeded to mess with every seat adjustment, mirror position and turned his seat warmers on for his return. (they are such brothers!)

We went home, unloaded the truck, and spent some time in the driveway with a hose, spraying the mud off of my our duck....and cleaning ourselves.

The boys played xbox for a little while, but Mot was antsy. So, the two of us headed off to Frey's electronic super store in search of a deal on a GPS. If we're going to get around this town on our own, we'd better find a way to do it well (and a way to do it to reduce arguments brought about by the "driving in unknown territory stress" that is sure to happen. :-)

Bill was making dinner when we got back. Mot decided to make up some margaritas, and right after he finished them...realized we had no fresh lime. So back out into the car we went, in search of margarita limes. :-)

After a LOVELY dinner (a word that his brother used to describe the food, and I will never let him live it down), we all sat down to watch a movie. No Country for Old Men Great movie, f*cked up ending. Not saying the ending was bad. There seems to be a trend with the ending reviews - people either hated it or loved it. I can actually say I'm on the fence on that one. :-)

After the movie, Bill and Sharon put in a disc of Rescue Me episodes. They just started watching them recently, and are still on season 1 or 2. I'm current on watching the show....and I was pretty I headed up to bed (where Mot already was).

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Mel said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and seems like the vaca is off to a good start. Having a rental rocks and the GPS does reduce arguments - I know it saved Shel and I when we did our Southwest trip.