Friday, October 31, 2008

Working is so overrated!!!

It's 10:31 am (central time). I've been here since 8:00, and I'm now finally sitting down at my computer to work.

Well, that is, if you consider blogging working.

No one here has any motivation to be productive. It's Friday, it's going to be 70 degrees and sunny, it's Halloween......and, well....we just don't feel like doing anything. :-)

My cough is mostly gone, finally. This is actually the first day that I haven't sounded like an 80 year women who took up smoking unfiltered Camels on her 13th birthday. I may actually survive the plane ride tomorrow, without my sinuses exploding while the pilot is trying to reach cruising altitude.

We have everything packed and ready. I just have to charge the laptop and pack the toiletries...then we're ready to go. Normally, we'd be doing all that tonight (the night before departure)...but Robin and Aaric are coming over after work - so we actually got it all done early. Can you believe that???

Our newest addiction TV show (Ghost Hunters) is running a 7 hour live investigation, so we'll be tuned in to it for sure.

(Thanks Mel! now we're addicts. But to keep the tradition alive, we've spread the addiction to Robin and Aaric.)


Mel said...

I'm glad you guys like it!

Have a safe trip tomorrow and bring food for god's sakes - just in case. :)

Me! said...

Oh gosh, I was a little disappointed by the live Ghost Hunters on Halloween! Wish they would have just stuck with Grant and the bald guy -- the wrestler was annoying!

I am curious as to what they did find though ...

KayakNej said...

I was completely bummed with the live broadcast, but I can understand they can't keep the action going the entire time. The recap show should be a hoot though. We made it through about 3.5 hours of the live one, then called it quits. :-)