Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eerie coincidence?

A month or so ago, I was flipping around the television, looking for something to watch. I happened upon an awards show that I'd never heard of before. ALMA (American Latino Media Awards) was formed in 1995 to honor Hispanic performers and promote positive images of Hispanics in entertainment.

When I turned it on, they were doing one of those longer award presentations. You know the ones.....a lifetime achievement of some sort or other. The woman they were talking about didn't look familiar to me, but I kept watching, waiting for them to say her name again.

Linda Ronstadt.

Of course I recognize the name, but I was never really introduced to her music as a child, so I'm not completely familiar with her work. She's one of those artists.......the ones where if one of her songs played, I could probably sing along...but would have no idea who was singing it.

When I hear her name, I think of mainstream, billboard hit music. But that night she was being honored for her jump from mainstream rock, to a mariachi album. She'd always wanted to do one, and basically told her music label to support her on it, or she was done. Good for her!!!!

Anyway, on to the coincidence. That night (I kid you not), I laid down in bed and pulled the current book I was reading from my nightstand. In this book, the detective walks into a dry cleaners, looking for a person she wanted to question. The writer mentions the Hispanic ladies working in the back, and how they were listening to Linda Ronstadt.

Had I not JUST seen the awards show, the reference would not have made nearly as much sense to me.

Today, I got a little more schooling on our dear Linda. On this day, in 1984, she made her operatic debut performing in 'La Boheme.'

What didn't this woman do??? I had to look it up. She was in rock, country, mariachi, folk rock, Mexican canciones, Latin music, she has an album of rock songs done as lullabies, she did a Cajun album, and was also an operatic singer???

Who knew? (well, probably quite a few others, I know, I'm a bit behind the times)

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