Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why did they not mention this in history class?

There are days I wish I had gone to a larger school district. Mainly because they offered classes I wasn't able to take. I always assumed, although, that the classes my school DID teach were comparable to those in the bigger cities. Was I wrong?

On this day in 1945, the US government announced the end of shoe rationing.

I knew there were all kinds of rationing programs going on, of course. But I have never heard anyone mention the shoe rationing before. Fellow bloggers, was this mentioned in your history classes?

I'm not sure why this little tidbit has triggered a curiosity in me. I mean, I guess I love shoes as much as the next shoe connoisseur. (OK, really I'm not a shoe freak, but as I've lost weight, I find I can wear the crazy shoes I used to wear in high school and college. Walking around in 3 in narrow heels is a bit uncomfortable when you weigh as much as I did, not too long ago.

This rationing really makes allot of sense when you think about it - troops need footwear, plain and simple. So I find it amazing it was never mentioned. From what I can find online, each American was only allowed three pairs of shoes purchased per year. For most men I know, that is how many they buy in 5 or even 10 years. :-)

(although, don't tell Mot that I told you...but he has a ton of shoes - well, actually boots...but it's the same thing) :-)

In 1943, the government made the announcement without any warning, to prevent a rush on shoe stores to stock up before the ration was put into effect. In fact, to make the shoe rationing work better, rules were put in place to manufacture on ugly, basic shoes. Thus, making them less enticing to buy.

In 1944, the shoe rationing rules were relaxed so more attractive shoes could be produced. The same article says "In lifting the restrictions, WPB's motive is to protect dealers by giving them fresh merchandise so they will not be caught with shelves full of drab wartime shoes when rationing ends."

You learn something new everyday!!!

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