Monday, October 13, 2008

Springbrook 2008 (Part 3 - Saturday)

Mr. Diesel truck at 5:00 in the morning was back again today. I did manage to roll over and go back to sleep for another hour or so...but my body is used to getting up by 6:30 at the latest. Ugh!!!!

We toasted bagels over the campfire for breakfast and then I took a walk up to the lake. I can get cellphone reception up there, and thought I'd check to see where Mot was. He answered the phone "hey, I'm on my way, I'll call you back" and hung up. It was a very strange phone call.

I was originally drawn to the lake, by the sounds of Canadian geese. I wandered around and watch them for quite some time. There must have been some territorial dispute going on....because there were a few beating the crap out of each other. Their fight eventually spooked the rest of the gaggle into flying away.

I set up the badminton net and we got a game going for a while that morning. It was sooo hot, we were all melting and changed into shorts. This is October in Iowa, right??????

Mot arrived about 1 1/2 hours later on his bike. He later told me that he ran out of gas. The small town he was passing through didn't have a gas station, but a person standing near heard him ask for one. The gentlemen (Gayle, Gail ??) told him that he had gas at his house. He ended up sitting and talking with the fellow for a little while. The guy was so nice, he didn't want to just take off right after getting the gas.

Lunch was great. Jim and Joyce arrived mid morning....and Mel, Sheila and Mike arrived just after noon or so.

Mel brought pork on a stick. OK, the dish probably has a more official name...but that pretty much explains it. Man was it good!!!!!!! She also brought fried eggplant. Not so much of a hit with me...but there were a number of people that enjoyed it!!

We played a little more badminton before Mel and Sheila left. Sheila wasn't feeling very good at I know Mel wanted to get back on the road and get her home.

(I'd also like to say that some how, Sheila escaped all picture taking - except the group photo - I'm not sure how she got away with that!!!)

I miss playing badminton. We always had a net close at hand when I lived in Mo. Valley. I can't wait to start playing more once we get home. It's a fun game!! And to play it without dislocating a shoulder...what a dream!!!!!!! :-) :-)

Unfortunately, I was playing the entire time...and there aren't any pictures on my camera of the games. We fought the wind and the sun...but still had fun.

Every year, we try to get a picture with everyone. This year's picture is missing Kevin and Keri (Kari, Carrie?), but the pop-up camper neighbors were asked to join us. They were just as much a part of the weekend as any of us. Those girls are best buds forever now!!!! (and don't forget Mopsy....the most well behaved dog ever!)

Just before Mot left (he had to work on Sunday - and wanted to get on the way home before the deer came out to wander in the roads), we heard another scream from the creek. "Pop-up dad" (man, I wish I knew his name) was carrying the youngest of the daughters up to the campsite. Inny went over to see what was going on, and eventually called Mot over to help out. (he's a paramedic)

It seems some boys were throwing rocks at the girls. Poor Cassidy took a direct hit to the noggin'. They loaded her up in the family vehicle and took her into town, to the ER. She ended up with three staples in her head.

When they got back...she came running over to show us the battle wounds. It was pretty funny actually. :-)

Then, as if we didn't have enough excitement for the day, Brandon got stung by a bee. Doug removed most of the stinger...but the poor kids finger is still swollen this morning.

Because of the forecast for Sunday, Inny and I started packing up our campsites a little, before it got dark. I wanted to have as much done as possible, in case I was packing up in the rain the next morning.

We spent the night hanging out around the campfire again. Jim and Joyce always bring boxes and boxes of scrap wood (and other assorted items that can be burned). We had quite the campfire going there for a while. Big enough, that dad came over to shut the party down. He stood next to the campfire (well, as close as he could) and the flames were taller than he was. He wasn't happy. :-)

Nevermind that those of us sitting around the fire were at least 20-30 feet back from the fire itself. That thing was roaring hot!!!!! :-)

I didn't actually get a picture while the fire was at it's highest....we were all too busy watching. :-) But this is a photo of the second time dad came over to tell us to tone it down. Luckily, he hadn't seen the flames a mere ten minutes earlier. :-)

Before going to bed, Robin (again) went over to the restrooms to wash her face and clean up. This time Inny and I decided we wouldn't go all the way to the restrooms...we decided to wait behind some bushes. On her way back, as she passed by, we actually jumped out and said Boo!

Wow!! That girl has some lungs. This second scream was nothing like the scream by the restrooms the night before. (hehe)

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