Friday, October 3, 2008

Our Pets

I don't think I've ever taken the time to introduce everyone to our children. So here goes....

This is Lady Rowan of the Loess (nickname Neeners). Passed away May 26th, 2009. Origin of nickname?'s silly actually. I started calling her Ro-Ro, then it progressed to Ro-Neeners, then eventually went to Neeners. It means absolutely nothing, and just goes to show that nicknames don't always have a story. They can simply be the evidence that you've officially lost your mind!!

Rowan is one of three Scottish Terriers dogs we have residing at our house. Back in the day, we used to breed Scotties. We stopped breeding once we thought our females had had enough. We weren't a puppy mill, no worries there. I think there were a total of 5 or 6 litters in our house over the course of as many years. 5 or 6 litters between 2 breeding females. I miss having them around...allot! Puppies are an experience that everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing. :-)

Anyway, back to Rowan. Mot and I found her at a local pet store, on our way to his parents for Thanksgiving. She was this shy little black ball of fur, hiding from everyone. After playing with her in the store for quite some time, we decided that it would be convenient to play with her if we owned her....and Penny needed a friend. (I'll introduce you to Penny later.)

Rowan is our athletic dog. She LOVES to fetch. If you throw a ball for her, she'll keep bringing it back all day long. Rowan won't stop until you stop throwing. We found out early in 2008 that she is diabetic. We are now required to give her a shot in the morning and at night, with feedings. We have no children, because we don't want to be tied down. We're still busy being kids ourselves. find ourselves having to find dog sitters to come by and 'shoot' our dog if we want to leave's quite frankly annoying. But, we took Rowan into our home as a pet. We took the responsibility of this animal's life...neither of us can turn our backs on that. Not at all!!

Rowan is also blind...almost 100%. From the diabetes. She follows Isaac (you'll be introduced later). When he finds the ball, she takes it from him and brings it back. They both seem satisfied with the arrangement, so we let it continue.

This is Lady Penelope of the Loess (nickname Penny). She is the oldest of the three, as I purchased her before I met Mot. Where Rowan is Mot's dog, Penny is mine. :-)

Penny could care less when we throw a ball. She has no interest in playing fetch. She would much rather go off on her own to hunt moles. Penny is the mole hunting/killing queen!!!! If there is one in the yard, she'll find it. She also loves to roll around on the dog, as any dog does....but she seems to really, really enjoy it. Notice the dead winter grass in her fur. :-)

I'm not going to talk about what our yard looks like when she's completed her mission. It's not pretty. But - the mole is there's the silver lining for you. :-)

This is Sir Isaac of the Loess (nickname Nose). Origin of nickname? He's a every sense of the word!!! And where he goes, he goes nose first. His poor nose should be either completely gone, or just a bloody, gnarly mess at all times. If he comes to see you, he runs into you. If he runs after a ball, he goes after it a nose dive. If you've seen him in action, you know I'm not exaggerating. He will plant his nose into the ground when grabbing the ball. But, he still hasn't stopped moving, so planting his nose usually means he ends up doing a cartwheel (nose over tail) across the yard. I've never seen a dog do so many somersaults!!!

When he's running, he just falls down, for no reason. And, the worst part....he's so excited about chasing whatever it is he's chasing, he has an almost impossible time getting back up. His brain is working in two directions at the same time..... #1 "must keep legs moving, must catch ball" #2 "oh wait, I'm on the ground, need to get up."

We saved Issac from a puppy mill in Northern Iowa. He was forced to lay (no room to actually stand) on a concrete pad day in and day out. His muscles had atrophied, and it took us a while to get him to where he could walk 'normal.' All of the falling down doesn't seem to bother him, so all we can do it laugh....and hope that we don't have to go help him up. :-)

Moving on to the cats....this is Nala (nickname You Little Shit, You Better Run!!!). Origin of nickname? The second night we had her, Nala and I were alone for the evening. I went to bed to read a book, and she came in with me. The cute little fur ball was laying on my chest, purring. How cute. Then I notice that she's REALLY looking at me. Right into my eyes actually. As this is not normal cat behavior, I put my book aside to see what she was doing. No more had I looked away, she my face.

Next thing I know...she's actually gotten a hold of my eyelid and is trying to run away with it. I kid you not!!! My new kitten bit me in the eyelid. I guess my eyelashes were prey???? Anyway, I slapped at my face, she went flying!!!! About an hour later, she jumped up on me in bed. The lights were off, and I was almost asleep. She pee'd on me right there. Then jumped off the bed and went about her cat-ly ways. Payback for throwing her off my eyelid I guess??

Nala and I were buddies after that, if you can believe it. I had shoulder reconstruction surgery a week after we got her...and she was with me 24/7 for the weeks after. I taught her to fetch....she's as addicted as Rowan. :-) But, when I went back to work....she took it personally. She hates me now....2 1/2 years later. Little snot!!!!

This is Morgan (nickname Stray). Origin of nickname? We got her from the Humane Society. She had just been through quite a few surgeries to fix a broken leg. Morgan had one shaved leg, a partially shaved tail....and three 2 inch x 2 inch square shaved patches on her sides (from the Morphine patches). She had officially been up for adoption 1 hour when we came across her. People were walking past her cage and she could care less....but when I walked past, she would jump up and come over. We walked on to see other cats, but I noticed she went back to lay down. Dozens of people walked by her cage, stopping to tap on the glass....but she didn't move. When I went back, she jumped up (as well she could) to come see me. So really, she picked me...not the other way around!!!

Even though she didn't actually spend much time being a stray cat....before she broke her leg and was taken in by the Humane Society...she still has major "stray cat" tendencies. Alot of them are going away though. Things like hunting her food, jumping onto any surface that she can reach, and trying to escape from the house to chase the squirrels outside. OK...she still does the last one. :-)

Last but not least....this is Puffer. Actually, this isn't my Puffer....he's shy. This is a picture I found online. Puffer is my fish. We bought him not long after getting married 10 years ago. Puffer is a puffer fish - I know...what naming imaginations we have!!!!

The specialty fish store that we frequented had him in an aquarium in the back of the store. No one wanted to buy him - he ate live fish for food....and I guess people didn't want to deal with it. So, they fed him the fish that were injured and unsellable.

Puffer has a smile...100% of the time. I love it!!!! We fed him live feeder fish for quite a while, but have sense moved on to feeding him brine shrimp pellets. He's in a tank by himself...always has been. He's a killer....whether his aquarium-mates are bigger or smaller...he destroys them!!! Since he doesn't play well with others, he lives by himself.

Well....there you go. You've now officially met the crew. :-)

Please note that pictures of the dogs were taken at the end of the cold season, so we hadn't groomed them short in many months. They don't ALWAYS look like homeless strays, I promise!!! :-)

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Mel said...

Very nice mini-autobio of the petties. Cracked me up - I'm glad I didn't have to pee otherwise I would've wet the bed.