Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not much to say

Me, with nothing to say? I know, it's crazy!!! But...sadly, it's true.

Yesterday at work - pretty boring.
Last night after work - pretty boring.
Today at work - pretty boring.

How does a person, who blogs about her life, handle it when her life is not worth writing about?

(hang on....I only meant the last few days......suicide watch not necessary)

One bit of good news though. A really close friend of mine, from my college internship days, re-entered my life today.

We were very, very close....but life pulled us in different directions.

She sent me a text message today. I answered, and we've been emailing back and forth all day.

She is one of those friends you have, that you may not get to talk to for a year or so at a time....but when you do, you pick it up from where you left off. It's as though you saw her the day before. There is always some weird, cosmic reason for us to contact each other.

About 3 or 4 years ago, we needed a person hired for customer service work. I thought the job sounded like something she'd enjoy, so I gave her a call. She had been laid off from her job the day before. The day before!!! I hadn't talked to her in a couple years, and had no way of knowing. Creepy!

Today, as we were talking, she asked me why I go by KayakNej, and if it means I do any kayaking. She asked, because she had seen people kayaking this weekend...and really thought it looked like fun. She told her friend that she wished she knew someone that did it, so she could try it.

I also told her about my wanting to try the sport of Curling. She couldn't believe it! She had watched a show about curling last night, and wondered who would actually do that for fun.

OK, the job example is more WAY interesting than the curling story....but what I'm trying to say is....this is how it is with us.

One day I called her, and she was actually in the process of looking up my phone number in a phone book...at that exact instant. We hadn't talked in months.

One day, Mot and I were talking about her as we walked through WalMart. We were wondering what she was up to, since we hadn't talked to her in years. Literally, right around the corner from where we were.....there she was.

The world works in mysterious ways.

(thus ends my incredibly boring post, my apologies)

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Mel said...

Weird Nej-nej ju-ju! heh! heh!