Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My big, fat, Greek dinner

There is a Greek restaurant not too far from our house. Mot and I love it. It's nothing fancy, it's not that big a place....but the food is pretty darned good.

(think As I was leaving work last night, I got a text from Mot...telling me he was at Jim and Jennie's with our buddy Sterley....."you should come by."

Sterley is his last name, and I call him Sterley-mahn (use a Jamaican accent when you say it out loud). Sterley is a good buddy of Mot's from years back....and moved back into Omaha not that long ago. He called out of the blue, and we're now trying to make sure and eat out, or go see a movie, with him once a week or so. (and because of that, I can officially blame my growing waist line and shrinking checking account on him)

This is him, looking all dapper and debonair.

While we were waiting on our food to arrive, Sterley was telling about the yoga classes he's taking. Last time we got together, I asked him for the name of the place. (Since cancelling the gym membership I never used anyway, I've been looking for a yoga studio near our house...with a good instructor, and an even better price.) I looked the studio up online, and had some more questions for him last night.

You see, the place he goes specializes in exotic dancing. Belly dancing, pole dancing, exotic dancing, and yoga. I have two hesitancies with going to a class there.

#1 - hello, exotic dancing is her main money maker...these women are going to be skinny, skinny, skinny

#2 - one of the thing she says on her website about yoga wardrobe - no loose fitting clothes, it drapes unattractively during yoga (yeah, like you're ever going to see me in anything BUT loose fitting clothing!!)

Sterley assured me that women as every size participates, and they are wearing their sweats just like everyone else in the world. So....I think I might just go check it out. :-)

By then, dinner arrived....the boys each had a gyro of some sort...and I ordered the Souvlaki platter. Pork and peppers skewed and grilled...and a side of greek potatoes. Yummy!!!! (now I really need a yoga class!)

And, what Greek dining blog entry is complete without a statue of a dude wielding a sword and a bronze cup?? (hehe)

After dinner, we went home and cleaned the house. It's not that our place is ever really just needed picked up, and wiped down. Dishes, laundry, sweep, know, the boring stuff you have to do weekly, or those cat-hair dust bunnies will carry you away!!!! :-)

'night folks!!!

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