Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend Guests

Woke up Saturday am ready to go. Fed the dogs, gave Rowan her shot, fed the cats, took a shower. Tom took Rowan up to the vet for another round of testing - her diabetes is getting worse and worse. I finished up cleaning the house. Took the top couple layers of dust off of things, put new sheets on the guest room bed, picked up Tom's "lair" (i.e. the den/office). I then decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies to pass the time.

When Tom got back, we ran out for lunch...worst lunch ever!!!! We've been to this little hole in the wall Mexican place a number of times, and each time...it gets worse and worse. We keep going back, with the thoughts of what the food CAN taste like, only to be disappointed each time. We won't be going back again. On the way back we stopped at the Farmer's Market for some cucumbers and onion. Tom decided he wanted to make a nice tomato and cucumber salad to go with his lasagna. Here's the picture of it (he's so proud of his food), he sent it to me on my phone Friday afternoon after completing it.

When we got home, we made the salad, and our guests arrived just as we were finishing it up.

I had received a handful of free tickets to the Greek festival on the downtown Riverfront. The festival is normally a pretty big affair, so we thought we'd go check it out. Besides getting Mel and Tom some baklava...we really got nothing out of it. Well...besides a really annoying blue star stamp on our hands. There was a total of 1 food tent, 1 pastry tent, 1 boutique tent, 1 history of the Greek Orthodox Church tent...and a stage for performers. That's it. Not so impressive.

But, never fear...that is one of the best things about the four of us...we can have a good time doing just about anything. So, off we went!!! We decided to head towards Nebraska Brewing Company to get a couple growlers of beer for dinner. After a nice 'driving tour' of a small section of Omaha - we arrived. Not only did we pick up a couple growlers, we had to sit down and order a sampler round of their beer...along with some snacks. The buffalo wings about melted Mel's face off....she looked as though she was in some serious pain...and true to the rest of our natures, we just tried vehemently to not laugh at her predicament. :-) Sheila and I split an order of their version of cheese sticks...Tom calls them lumps of heart attack. He's so funny.

From there, we left for home. Tom put the lasagna in the oven to cook....and the four of us then sat down to watch the season premier of Ghost Hunter. Yes, the three of us are complete addicts to the show. Tom, even though he won't admit it, finds it entertaining as well. :-)

Dinner was very nice. Tom, as usual, complained about how horrible his food was.....and I, as usual, told him to knock it off. (hehehe) No Mel...we'd secretly feed you no deer. Although, trust me, if it's fixed correctly, it tastes wonderful. There are two main factors to good deer....#1, it's all corn fed around us, so it's mighty tasty...NOT gamy, as in some areas of the US. #2, we hunt it and clean it ourselves, so we know it's done right. :-)

At some point in the evening, Sheila and I found out that we, yet again, have more in common than we thought. She has books and such that I totally have to see next time we go to her house....and there's a store she needs to take me to...that's all I'll say about that. :-) :-) But, having said that....I called and found out my favorite store (of the same genre - do stores have genres??)...anyway, my store was open until 10:00. So we all loaded up in the Jeep and drove to the Old Market. Even with it raining, the vibe down there is just so fun. We'll need to take them back, when it's not 9:00 and everything is closed!!!! :-)

After our trip to New Realities and a couple art studios on the way back to the car, we decided to call it a night. Half our of group was buzzed on good beer, and the other half was so full from lasagna....well...we were all a little lethargic, let's just say that!!!

But wait, on the way home we passed ConAgra's large corporate 'campus.' So we parked (illegally, I might add) and walked out to see the fountain running in the middle of the lake...no, pond...no, small body of water on site. When they run it at night, they also have it lighted with changing colors. It's actually quite nice. The weather gave us a break in the rain, so we could walk along the path and around a bend to get a closer look. Of course, because it had been raining, I didn't bring my camera. Darn it! This is another reason why I finally placed the order for my waterproof (freeze-proof, drop-proof, crush-proof) camera!!!

Once back to the house, we all sat on the front porch, enjoying the gentle rain, the wonderfully cool weather for a little while.....but you could see everyone starting to nod off. Tom was the first to hit the sack....I went upstairs to show the gals where the extra pillows and such could be found. And, as usual, the three of us found ourselves gabbing it up again. We really need to live closer to each other. :-)

The next morning, I think all 4 of us were doing the same thing. Laying in bed, awake, wondering if anyone else was up yet. No one wanted to get up, yet we all wanted to get up and hang out some more. I got up about 6:30, fed the animals, made some coffee, and sat on the front porch reading...Tom joined me not too long after, with coffee and the morning paper. Mel came out to the porch, just as I was coming inside, and scared the crap out of me, then took a shower...and Sheila wasn't far behind.

The morning was wonderfully foggy.....so we thought we'd do some sight seeing driving.....and see where the road would take us. But first, Tom's biscuits and gravy!!! He seemed fairly happy with this batch, can you believe that????

Leaving all dishes from breakfast on the counter (dishwasher was running the lasagna dinner bath), we headed out in the direction of one of the local lakes. I'd heard it was much prettier than it actually seemed to be. A good kayaking lake though, the area was nice...it was just a city lake, nothing special. But - close to this city lake....Cabelas!!! I'm not sure how long we were there....well, let's see. I called and they opened at 10:00, it was 10:00 just then, so it was perfect.....we left there to go eat at 11:30....so we were there an hour and a half. At first we broke off into pairs, switching back and forth to who we were walking with, what departments we were walking in.....it was nice. Picked up some shoes for Mel, some shirts for Sheila and I ( I put my chamois flannel on over my t-shirt right there at the store...and am wearing it to work today)....Tom had his HANDS ON two belts that were exactly what he was looking for...for cheaper than we'd been able to find...and didn't get them. Silly boy!!!!

From Cabela's, back to NE Brewing Company for lunch....and also so Sheila could buy herself a growler to take back to Des Moines. She's hooked. Our waiter (the same kid from the day before) mentioned a new computer game just released that day. It piqued everyone's interest....so much so with Mel, that she literally left the table just then, and ran over to Best Buy to get it. Our food arrived, we ate after waiting for her for a little while. The waiter had just left to get a box for her food, when she walked in the door. HUGE smile on her face! After seeing the smile, I KNEW we were going to have to get it as well. So, when lunch was done...we all went over to the store. Sheila and I both bought a copy.

We got home at about 1:30, they packed up the car and left. Tom went with Aaric to hang a tree stand at his folk's house (of which they forgot a piece, and didn't get to hang it anyway).....and I sat on the couch playing Spore all afternoon. When Tom got home, he took the laptop, and played it the rest of the day, evening, and well into the night. He's such an addictive personality!! The look in his eyes while playing, told me that I was going to have to talk to him about me buying that laptop so I wouldn't have to ASK to get onto a computer. (hehehehe)

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Mel said...

Ok - we were both laughing our asses off with the commentary, LOL!! I'm still grinning! You write so well - I'm serious!

I love the pic of Mot and I! That's a keeper!