Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Change is Good

Not only is it good....it's actually necessary, in one form or another. Like, for example, the furniture in my house can stay the way it is forever. If I find a place for it that works, then it tends to stay that way. I may switch pieces out here and there, but the general placement pretty much stays the same. Now, if you could see Robin right now, she's cringing at the boringness of my furniture placement. She changes hers once or twice a week....OK, maybe not that much....but she does go through withdrawals symptoms if she can't change it once every couple of months. I'm totally not making that up, it's true.

I do need change when it comes to my hair. I've been itching to do something different with it for a number of weeks now...so I had it changed last night. You can't find a ton of girlie tendencies in me, but the changing of the hair is definitely one of them. I walk into the hair salon last night, wearing a long jean skirt and a tuxedo shirt. What does she say to me? Wow, jean skirts and tux shirts are TOTALLY in for this fall. Now, I'm going to have to put those things in the back of my closet, until they are no longer 'in'. :-)

I also need change when it comes to the color of my toe nails. I usually have them painted these wacky colors. You see, at work, I have to dress somewhat normal. Nothing crazy...but toes...well my toes are a way to do something fun and funky, and it can be my little secret. I know that sounds silly, but I hate being normal. It goes against my grain. Granted, I'm not piercing every body part, and I'm not riding to work on a unicycle. But I still try to avoid normal if at all possible. :-)

I need a change in job scenery (right now, my mortgage payment wants me to stay put though). My resume is an interesting story of a girl who doesn't know what she wants to do. I read an article in the Des Moines paper yesterday, about a biologist with the State of Iowa. He lives and breathes the stuff. It's his life. Then there's my hubby, a fireman/paramedic and loving it. What is it like to have 'the' job for you? What does it feel like to get paid to do what you want to do anyway? Being with my current employer for 5 years now is hurting my soul. I need to get out there, and do something completely different!!! I want to experience it all. I've been a grocery store manager, meat cutter, dance studio instructor, jeweler, accountant, pharmacist assistant, owned a house cleaning service, ran a car detailing business (which you wouldn't know looking at my vehicle most of the time), and now a project coordinator. I need to continue on my journey. I want to be a professional photographer, I'd love to run a hotel, acting on stage would rock, the FBI still needs me (they just don't know it yet), there are people out there that need my psychological care, wouldn't being a park ranger be a hoot?!?!?!?!?! Jill of all trades, master of none.

But alas, project coordinator (glorified baby sitter) is where I will stay for a while longer. I'm afraid that the longer I stay here, the more terrified I'll be to switch job fields. I'm mortified of the idea of being in a rut. Petrified to some day have Majors giving me a watch for being here 25 years. The idea of that watch depresses the crap out of me. But, for now, the idea of paying the bills is much stronger than any need for a job switcharoo. :-)

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