Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just one of those days......

Even though it's against everything I stand for...I laid in bed this morning, with the phone in my hand. What I was going to say, mulling around in my brain. If I tell them I'm sick...I'll get's why I don't call in sick. I can't call in broken vehicle or ill family member for the same reason. Darn it!!!!! I promised Rich that I'd have the last of the Magnum quotes to him today. I promised Dave that I'd be there for one last training session so I can take over his duties of backing up the servers tomorrow...our IT guy is gone for the week. There are days when I really HATE having a work ethic. But you know, the more I think about's really just a fear of Karma...not the work ethic, that made me come into work today.

Traffic was ridiculous. Yes folks, it's raining. It's a nice gentle rain...not a downpour....but for some reason, this means drive 10 miles per hour. They brake for no reason...and I can't believe I made it here without rear ending them. No one in front of them.....and they brake....hard!!!! What's with that???? You're finally able to pass them....they're mid 20's, both hands on the wheels, scared to death. My 96 year old grandmother drives better than that in the rain!!! For crying out loud. It's just rain!!!!!

Then I get to work....there's this lady that sits around the corner from my office area. Technically she's an accounting assistant, but to fill her time, she helps multiple people with small jobs. But none of this really matters...what matters is that she's one of those "one up you" people. NO MATTER what the conversation (that she's not included in) is about, she has to chime in with some story to show that she's done it bigger, smaller, better, worse....or knows someone who has. If you went somewhere to eat last night, she knows the person that owns the place......or she had the best (or worst) experience there ever. If you participated in an activity the night before...she knows the person that invented the sport. This morning, we were talking about dogs doing gross stuff. And no more had the conversation started, she had a story to tell. Her childhood dog ate a dead squirrel with maggots on it. So I told her about my childhood dog, our St. Bernard. When we were kids, ate a 4 foot long bull snake (alive).....slurped it up like spaghetti. She says - and I quote - "Oh yeah, well the bull snake was alive and not covered in maggots." I physically bit my tongue and walked out of the room. What makes her think this is a competition. Why does she has to be that way????

Seriously, today it's affecting me more...but I can literally hear her RIGHT NOW.....invading on someone else's conversation with a story about live traps. God only knows what they were talking about that made her feel she needed to be a part of the conversation!!!!!

On days when I'm in a better mindset, I will actually find things to talk about....that are so see what she comes up with. What story she can tell to fit into the conversation.

She truly should be on a Leave it to Beaver television show. Her speech and mannerisms are very 1940's or so. If it wasn't for her wearing jeans, I'd say she should actually be on Little House on the Prairie.

It's 9:09 am....and black as night outside. Raining!!! Darn it, I could be home right now....with a fake illness or mock vehicular distress to deal with. There are always "woman issues", I could have said that. No one EVER questions when people use that one. In fact, it also eliminates the "feeling better" questions the next day. Now, if it wasn't for my strong women's lib gene, I would use that one. Something about admitting a weakness that only women have, I just can't do it. :-)

I can tell it's going to be one of those days. :-)

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