Friday, February 18, 2011

Halloween Shopping Day

In my post yesterday, I mentioned the shopping trip Danny and I went on to get our Halloween costumes. Well, in looking through my pictures, I found some shots from the day. :-)

He called the night before wanting to make sure that I took my hockey jersey with me the next day. He had a "surprise" for me.

With Danny, you never know what to expect.

And I love that!!!!

He picked me up that next morning, and we were off.

It turns out that the University of Nebraska at Omaha was having their homecoming weekend that day. The first 100 fans that arrived to the after parade party showing their team spirit rec'd a free hot dog, drink and chips.

Sweet! Free food, homecoming parade, on a gorgeous day. Can't complain about that!!!!!

License plate in the parking lot of the university. School mascot is the Maverick...a cow/bull.

I believe it said somewhere in the paper that this was only the 2nd or 3rd year of the parade.

What did it look like? was a college parade, thrown by college students.

Marching Band.

Football mascot.

And then maybe a dozen floats decorated and driven by the misc fraternities and sororities.

Half dressed men and women, throwing 5 or 6 pieces (total) of candy....on floats decorated to represent the "Las Vegas" theme of the homecoming season.

Pretty lame...but fun at the same time. :-)

From there we went to get lunch, then start our Halloween costume shopping.

I didn't take many pics while shopping, surprisingly. We were having a good time, and it never really occurred to me. Getting the pieces we needed was important business.

That is...until Danny started trying on wedding dresses as possible dresses for Nell (Steve) to wear. :-)

After we'd gotten all the pieces we thought we'd need....we stopped by the fire station to show Mot what we'd found....went to our houses to unload our crap....then headed downtown for the first hockey game of the season!!!!

After the game we went to the Worm.

Then we left the Worm and headed in the direction of home.

With a stop at T's tavern for another drink and my very first Keno game.....

...then Village Inn for an early (really early) morning breakfast.

We sat and ate....while watching all the high school homecoming kids all dressed up, making fools of themselves like only high schoolers can do.

Eventually the kids left, so we finished breakfast and he dropped me off at home.

A great day!!!!!

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