Friday, October 1, 2010

Glacier National Park (6)

This was it, our last day in Montana. :-(

The group was slower about getting up that day. We had stuff planned, but were pretty open as far as times we had to be anywhere.

After everyone was fed, we loaded up the vehicles and left for the day. Jared had mentioned wanting to go to Whitefish Mountain Resort to do some mountain biking. There were quite a few other things to do in the area, so we were all game to go along!!!

Ashley decided to take a stab at some mountain biking as well. :-)

The rest of us took a ski lift down to the main lodge for lunch.


From there, three of us bought tickets to do a 3 hour zip line tour down the mountain.

In the orientation room waiting for the trip to start.

On our way to the first zip.

The first line was very short. It was more there for practice on the different forms, and stopping.

After the first zip, we headed up the mountain to start the good stuff!!!!

The outfit had water stops along the way - for being as cold and wet as we'd been all was darned hot up there that day!! :-)

I can't remember which zip this was....but you can't see the end in this picture. :-)

If you look close, you can see the "guides" giving directions to the "zippers" on what form they should be in.

I've got a camera hanging on one side of me, and a video camera on the other. Such a geek!!!

I put this pic up for a specific reason. Do you remember how not days before this, I was hiking in the mountains....and not days before that I was completely unable to walk at all, because of a knee injury??

Well, look close at this picture. This is how you had to stop at the end of the ziplines. Impact directly to the knees. (some of the lines, they say we were going 45-50 mph)

I loved every second of the rides....right up until impact at the end. :-)

This is what my left leg looked like the next morning. My lower leg and ankle are puffed up like marshmallows....and half again bigger than the normal leg. My socks were actually cutting off circulation to my feet, that's how swollen my leg was. As much fun as I was having on this trip, that's about as much pain as I was in during 99% of it.

But it was worth it!!!!!

We returned to the campsite later that evening, after stopping at some public showers on our way. The evening was nice. Dinner and relaxing mostly.

I watched a couple pick up their tent, put it on top of their car, get into their car, and drive away. You can see them on the road in this picture. :-)

For the last time.....Goodnight Montana!!!!!!

We got up early the next am, packed up our gear, and headed home. Saturday night we arrived at a campsite in the Black Hills...but it was dark when we got there, and dark when we left for the last leg of our trip home.

Mot picked me up at a gas station just before the turn off from I29, to I80. The Des Moines group still had another 2 hours before they were to arrive home.

I went home to shower, then the two of us went to the Worm to meet up with the boys.

After the third or fourth drink....and second or third shot, I remember nothing.


I wanted to still be in the mountains, but boy was it good to be home!!!!

** If you want to see all the pictures I took on the trip, they are posted on my Webshots page.

(and, until I can finally find the time to do it, if anyone on the trip wants a copy of any of them, just let me know....I can either email, or set up an account on a site you can download from)

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