Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glacier National Park (5)

So, after our night of dorm room sleeping (and Blackfoot Indian bar adventures), I got up early and snuck out of the room so as not to wake the whole group.

I found the coffee lady downstairs, bought a mocha, and walked around the grounds of the lodge.

What a beautiful place!!!

(you have to tilt your head a little to the left on this one...picture is a might bit crooked) :-)

When I returned, most of the people in our group were in various stages of "up." Some had already packed, some were packing, and some were still laying in bed trying to catch those last few z's before finally rising. :-)

We loaded up the vehicles and headed back to Luna's (Mmmmm....Luuunnnaaaaaa's) for breakfast.

Brady made a new friend outside before leaving! Awwwww!!!!


After breakfast, we headed towards the Going to the Sun road. It takes park visitors from the east side of the park, over to the west.

We hadn't been driving for more than 10 minutes, when we started making our first (of many) stops along the way.

Parts of the road were under construction, so there were short waits. But, no one seemed to gave everyone an opportunity to stretch their legs, and take more pictures.

When we were nearly to the other side, we all stopped for a lunch break along the way.

And a little polar bear plunging, for those with suits and guts! :-)

There are Red Buses everywhere, full of tourists.

Once we arrived on the west side of the park, we found a campground, found a couple of sites next to each other, and set up for the night.

Cell phone towers in Glacier. :-)

I want to jump into this picture, sit back down on my chair, and breathe in that fresh air. I love (and miss) the mountains!!!!!

After dinner, the group sat down to play some cards, then everyone split up to do their own things.

It was a great day!!!


Brook said...

I'm practically crying from how beautiful this is. I am also pure green with envy and super jealous of your whole trip.

Nej said...

It was awesome!!! Want to go again, badly...but this time with Mot. I missed him not being there!!! :-(