Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Update: Devils Lake, WI (part 2)


Mel and I got up early for a 3 mile run (yep, I'm still doing that....23 lbs down so far!). After our run, we sat on their back deck enjoying the cool am temperatures. She watered the garden while I drank my glass of "way to go! you got your rump out of bed early and ran like you should have" chocolate milk.

We both knew we should head inside and start packing up things for the trip....but neither of us wanted to just yet.

That is, until a bird pooped on my leg.

Oh yeah.....it was gross.

And apparently a bird that enjoyed a berry enriched diet. :-)~

I took it as a cue to get my rear in gear.

I took a shower, Sheila packed up her clothes for the weekend, and Mel took Mike (their son) to his driver's ed class. When Mel got back, the three of us ate breakfast and stopped by a store to pick up an extended stinger for their truck, so we could use the bike rack I brought with me.

We loaded up all the gear, picked up Mike, and were on our way.

Wisconsin...here we come!!!

Interstate travel...ugh!!!

Mike lasted about 10 minutes before falling asleep.

Stopping at a rest area to check the straps on all the boats.


6.5 hours later

"Get me the ___ out of this vehicle...now!!"

We drove and drove, and drove....and drove.

At one point, the GPS told us to do this.......

There were no detours on that road, no construction......no bridges out......retarded!!!

When the GPS (I call her "bitchin' betty) told us we had 7 minutes before we arrived....we all looked around. Like every other state park I've been to, there's no warning. One minute you're driving with nothing to see...and then WHAM!!

As we drove into the park, and to the campground, no one said anything but "Whoa!" or "Holy cow!"

All I could think of was how much Mot would like it!

We got to our campsite and just stared.

Think of the cover of Bill Bryon's A Walk in the Woods....just without the bear. :-)

We were nearly set up when other members of the group started arriving. (Iowa Outdoor Unlimited)

Mel and I are going on a week long backpacking trip to Glacier National Park in August, so we thought going on this trip with them would be a good way to meet some of the people we'd be traveling with.

It was still daylight, when we met our fist local.

A raccoon.

A very ballsy and brave raccoon. He walked right up the road, lifted the bottom of the screen tent at the site next to us, and climbed right up on the table. They'd left all their food out. (sigh)

Tammy, the organizer of the trip, stopped by our site with the ingredients for dinner. We started cooking while they set up camp.

After dinner, we sat around the campfire for a little while, walked down to the shower house to throw our garbage bag away in the dumpster, then went to bed.

(to be cont)

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