Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Update: Devils Lake, WI (part 1)


"Can this day get any longer?"

"Only 440 minutes to go."

"Only 329 minutes to go."

Our Jeep sat in the work parking lot....the backseats folded down and the back area filled with my bike, my hiking pack, a duffel bag, my disc golf bag and my kayaking gear. My 16.5 ft kayak was strapped to the roof.

"How can they expect me to work today? A 5 day weekend is calling my name!"

Not helping at all, were my coworkers, "Are you still here?" "I figured you'd have left by now?"

At 4:00 I'd finally had enough, and snuck out early. After a quick trip home to feed the dogs, I was on my way to Des Moines.

3 times.....count them, 3 TIMES! traffic came to a complete stop on the drive took almost a full hour longer than it usually does. Add to that, the Wing Ding traffic (Gold Wing Riders Annual Convention)....and I was very ready to finally arrive on the girls' doorstep!!!

Mel, Sheila and I left to do our grocery shopping not long after I'd arrived.

We hit Mot's favorite store in the whole wide world (not!) WalMart. While I'm not usually a Wally World fan, I DO usually get some good people watching in.....and that night was no exception.

For the most part it was an uneventful trip.....with the exception of one guy.

He was actually pretty good looking (sorry Mot), but his outfit ruined it....100%.

(and there I was, without my camera)

Let's see.....if asked, I'd say he was a cross between Eric Northman (True Blood), any of the extras from Sons of Anarchy, and Will Farrell's character in Elf.

Long blond hair (think 80's hair band) and blond beard.....tall, skinny, but fit.....dressed head to toe in black. Black leather pants (on a 90 degree day), black button up shirt - only buttoned up half way...white skull artwork on the back of the shirt....dark sunglasses (I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can.....), and, as a finishing touch, black cowboy boots.....with really pointy toes that curled up at the ends. Seriously, you could paint them red and put a bell on them...then wear them to your next costume holiday party!!

After we'd finally gotten all of our food for the weekend, we checked out and headed back to their place to unload.

(to be cont)

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