Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ghosts of Weekends Past: #9

Friday, the 18th, the boys and I loaded up and headed to a small town just over the Iowa border.

A group of us had been talking food at work that day, and it was recommended we try a place known for their chicken.

I don't know that I'll get any of them to go back, but I want to for sure. I want to give them a second chance.

Oh yeah, it was an interesting meal.

When we ordered, we were told that they only had one fryer operating.

At a place known for their fried chicken.

At a place that was filling full of people as we sat waiting for our waitress to take our order.

We should have left, but darn it...this was an adventure.

When we finally got our food (and boy do I mean FINALLY...it took forever!!!), I tried the chicken. (I think I was the only one that actually ordered the chicken. hehehehe)...it was ok. Nothing fancy, but wasn't horrible.

I'd like to go back when their kitchen is fully operational...and they have more than one waitress.


The highlight of the evening (and I use the term highlight very loosely)....was the Christmas village they had set up in the back room.

Christmas village....in June.

Actually, I don't think it's ever been taken down....ever.

And it's creepy.

Uber creepy.

I'm not sure what the villagers feed their wild animals in this village.....

...or what they feed the village children.

The display quite honestly gave me the creeps. 100%

After dinner, we drove through the small town to check it out....then took a scenic way home....

...via small country roads.

I took a picture of this country road intersection because it came up so darned fast....out of no where. You should have seen the size of the drop off on the other side of those signs. :-)

Danny rockin' his cast!!


MJenks said...

I'm not sure what Giant Raccoons have to do with Christmas...or the displayed Gingerbread Baby or whatever that thing was that looked like it was being laid out for ritual sacrifice on a slab.

Nej said...

@ MJenks - I'm not sure either. Beyond creepy. Ugh!