Monday, July 19, 2010

Ghosts of Weekends Past: #8

They say it's your birthday.

(da, da, da, da, da ,daaaa)

Happy Birthday to you.


This post takes us back to the weekend of June 11-13.

The boys and I had planned on hitting the city of Chicago for a long weekend....but none of us knew how Danny would be feeling after his surgery a few weeks before the trip was scheduled, so instead of going to Chicago....we invited a bunch of people over to the house for an impromptu birthday party/anniversary party. (Mot's 41st, our 10th)

We spent Friday afternoon getting ready for the party.

I can't remember exactly what Mot was hosing off......but he appears to be wearing it in this picture! :-)

I also made him climb on the garage roof to get rid of our Chia Gutters. My camera had fogged up because of the humidity....but just above the door...the gutters are springing to life with hundreds of Maple trees. :-)

The main protein source for the was going to be smoked. This is the smoker Mot built (isn't that a commercial or something?).

There's a winery in Western Nebraska that is having a bbq smoke-off in August. In order to enter, you need to convert a wine barrel into a smoker.

This is what he cooked on it the evening before.

The chef.

The chef and his dog. :-)

Mel and Sheila doing a little cooking of their own in the kitchen.

Brandon relaxing at the party.

Inny and Doug.

Mom and I made some homemade raspberry sorbet with the ice cream maker attachment they gave us for our Kitchen Aide this Christmas. It was mighty yummy!!!

More and more people kept arriving....and the back deck continued to hold them all.

Quite possibly my favorite pic of the whole weekend!!!!

The party wore poor Isaac out. He nested himself into the grill cover and slept the evening away.

The next morning, the girls, Mot and I headed out. Our first stop was checking out the disc golf course near our house. It was expected to rain, but we played the first three holes.

The course is gorgeous!!!!

Teeing off on the 1st hole.

The girls.

We've been getting a TON of rain this summer!!!

Mot in stealth mode. He's so sneaky!!!

2nd shot, 2nd hole.

Sheila teeing off on the 3rd hole.

Just as we were getting to the Jeep, it started to POUR....great timing!!

From there we hit a couple retail stores in Omaha.....bought a few new discs....and then spent an hour or so throwing them in our side yard.

They left for home that afternoon.....and Mot and I went inside to be lazy bums!! :-)

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