Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Update: Roxi and Shannon in Omaha

During the last weekend in March (yes, yes! I'm a bit behind!)...the girls came to visit us from Des Moines.

Roxi Copland and Shannon Curtis were playing a gig in town.


We can probably be deemed Roxi groupies by now. :-)

The boys and I had seen Shannon play once before, when she came to Omaha, and played at the Pizza Shoppe.

I bought all of her cd's that night...fell in love with her voice and her music. It's impossible to not smile when you listen to it.

The Des Moines crew arrived Saturday afternoon...and the 5 of us (Danny was out of town for a wedding), headed to downtown Omaha to eat at one of our favorite cajun/creole restaurants, Jazz.

What you can't see in this that the wall behind Mot and I is actually only a half wall. On top of the half wall, is a shelf that sticks out into the eating area.

Our chairs are right below it....and should you sit down in the chair, and the restaurant has the table too close to the wall.....someone (Mot) could possibly (oh, he did) smack their head on it (oh yeah) so hard that they see spots and about pass out.

And then, if later on in the meal, you see the manager type person walk by, you flag them over and say (with a smile, very professional-like)...."this table might be too close to the wall, our friend here just clonked his head on that shelf pretty good"...please don't expect concern from the manager type dude. No, instead expect him to say "yeah, you should pull that table out when you sit down, you've gotta be careful next time."

Not "is he ok?"

None of us were ready to submit a complaint.....until we get the uncaring, can't be bothered answer from that a$$hat. was amazing as usual, and I haven't officially taken it off of our list of places we go to eat.

After dinner, we had a couple hours to spare before the show, so we walked over to the Worm.

Where Steve introduced the addiction from hell to Sheila. :-)

On our way back to the car, this picture was taken. I'm not sure why, but thought I'd post it anyway. Made me laugh when I saw it on the memory card. :-)

The venue for the show was actually really close to our we loaded back up in the car and drove across town.

Roxi played first and was, as usual, great to hear!!!

Because I only had my little point and shoot camera, and because I didn't want to blind the performers with the flash, I didn't get many pics (in focus) while at the show. :-(

Shannon was up next.

After the show, we hung around and talked to the two ladies for a while. They are so welcoming and fun to talk to.

I bought Shannon's latest CD, then we left.

Mot headed home (with his Cajun induced headache), while the four of us, and Chris "Ferret" (who met up with us at the show) headed out for a nightcap.

We, for the first time ever, actually stayed until last call. Yep, we were there long enough for them to turn the lights back on. For as many times as we've gone...we've never been there for that! The Worm serves alcohol...but more often than not, we go for the atmosphere. For the friendly faces...for the ambiance.

Mot made breakfast for everyone the next morning....and then the girls left not long after. It was a short trip...but WONDERFUL to see them again!!!!! :-)


Brook said...

Gotta watch out for killer walls. And cars. And rats... Don't mind me I am too hungry to make sense. Sounds like fun!

Nej said...

You must be fun to be around when you are hungry. :-)