Friday, April 16, 2010

Creativity becomes Competition

In March, the boys and I went to the bowling alley, to bowl. (go figure)

We had been out of town the week before, and were going to be gone the next it was bowlapalooza Saturday. 6 games. And we had to be done in an hour and a half.

No problem!

The next week, when we saw how our scores from that day ranked with the teams we were bowling....we found out we won all 8!!

How cool is that?

During our second set of games...the alley turned on all the "black light, strobe light, let's make the league bowlers dizzy" lights.

First game with the lights on.....we didn't bowl the best. But the second! Guess we need to prebowl on Saturday afternoon more often. :-)

Mot, being the typical ADD sufferer that he is, was entertaining himself between frames by decorating his Styrofoam cup of Mountain Dew.

Then Danny joined in.

I think Mot's is the one on the right. I personally giggled at the tic-tac-toe and running man designs. :-)

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