Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Update: Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come...

Well...actually Overland Park...but that's close enough, right?

Last weekend was the annual regional Sweet Adeline's competition.

I'm a Sweet Adeline. Did you know that?

I purposefully get up in front of people and sing....with a group of others.

I started singing in the Lincoln, NE chorus while doing my college internship. The auditor our company hired introduced me to someone else who worked at my company (that I hadn't met yet). She sang in the chorus in Lincoln, and I started going along.

Because I lived 1 hour north of Omaha, and Lincoln was another hour south of Omaha....I just couldn't keep it up very long. Driving that far on a Tuesday night....paying for the gas money and dues and wasn't in my "I'm only an intern and am working here for free...and free doesn't pay the bills" budget.

A number of years later.....I started singing with the Omaha chorus. It was before my shoulder surgery, and besides going home and going to work, I really didn't have much of a social life....and wasn't able to do allot of the things I really wanted to. (try kayaking, biking, shooting, etc...with a bum shoulder...doesn't work so well)

Anyway...a couple of years ago, I stopped singing with the chorus. It takes up quite a bit of time....and I wanted to concentrate more on my other 2.3 million hobbies. I enjoyed singing with them so much....but it was time to take a break.

Even though I stopped singing with the chorus, I continued to sing with my quartet.

Every year, choruses and quartets from around the region compete to see who gets to represent the region at international competition. Our regional bracket is held at the Overland Park Convention Center, in Overland Park Kansas.

I left on my drive south after work.

A little road fuel! :-)

Daniel (our GPS) gets bored driving to Kansas from our place. Notice how straight (i.e. boring) the road is. :-(

Hello! My name is Nej...and I'm bored.

Friday was a pretty busy day. Not much time for pictures. :-) We ate breakfast, went down to the convention center for the competition briefing....then came back up to the rooms. The girls went out to eat, and I stayed in.

Did a little relaxing, a little last minute note cramming.....

The competition was that evening. We placed 8th! In the top 10!!!

To say we were happy was an understatement. Especially when you factor in who we were competing against, and how new of a group we are!!!! :-)

The buffet in our room was FULL of gifts from Omaha and Lincoln chorus members. The support we get from them is wonderful!!!

The next morning, I got up and went to the gym. After I got back and showered, I took off again, this time headed for the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens.

They were hosting a landscape photography class I had registered to take.

After the class, I wondered the grounds for a little bit.

About 15 minutes into my walk, I realized that we were a little more south than Omaha....and things are starting to bloom.

And I was without my allergy medicine. So, I quickly walked back to the car. Will have to visit again when the place is in full swing!!!!! :-)

On the way back to the hotel, I stopped at Half Price Books (of course), and Starbucks (again). :-)

I made it back in time to watch the Omaha and Lincoln choruses perform. They did soooo well! Lincoln placed 2nd in the small chorus division. Omaha placed 1st in the mid sized chorus division, and 2nd overall.

After the competition ended, I went out to eat with the Omaha chorus....then headed home.

The drive home took forever, it seemed, but it was nice to sleep in my own bed.

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