Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Update: A bird in the hand is worth......

Last Saturday (April 17th to be exact) the "boys" and I spent the day eating, shopping and climbing trees.

Yep, you heard me, climbing trees.


Because, after we met for lunch, we did some shopping, then we all ended up back at casa de Mot and Nej.

We cleaned "spring" off the deck table, gathered up the playing cards, and headed outside. No WAY that "70 degree, almost no wind, even fewer bugs day" was going to pass by with us hanging out inside!!!!!

Nuh uh!

After a number of hands of canasta....Mot got up and walked into our side lot.

The boys followed.

I ran inside to get the camera. :-)


Because when I looked up, this is what I saw.

What are they looking at?

Look! It's right there, whatever it is!!!

Yup, there it is. One of Sam's retrieving dummy's. Apparently Mot had thrown it up in the tree earlier that day...and his OCD just couldn't let it stay.

"My OCD?? What ever do you mean?"

Now, do you think we all decided to wait until the thing came down on it's own?

Heck NO!!!

"Mot, there's a volleyball in the garage, that shouldn't get stuck."

"Oh sweet...I'll try that."

" what?"

"I know! The crazy lady that lived in your house before you has pieces of rebar stuck in the ground EVERYWHERE. I'll throw up one of those!! It's plenty heavy to knock stuff out and not get stuck."

"Here we go!!!"

"I can't believe that stuck!!!!"

"There's a t-post stuck in your garden. It's twice as heavy as that rebar. No WAY it will get stuck, and it's heavy enough to knock the rebar down."

" what?"


"Mot!!!!!!! Your turn!!!"

"Thank goodness THAT didn't stick! But.....what about the other stuff still up there?"

"I'm getting more rebar!!!"


Do you see it there laying in the yard behind him?? The "dummy" that started it all!!!! case you've lost count....there is still a volleyball, a t-post, and 3 pieces of rebar in our neighbors tree.

Oh yeah....the tree is on the edge of's not even ours. (giggle)

Apparently, all the excitement was too much for poor Sam. :-)

At last check, the volleyball has disappeared from the tree....but isn't in the yard. I think the neighbor lady (who I GUARANTEE was watching from a window somewhere in her house) saw that it fell and confiscated it. :-)


Badass Geek said...

That is epic. I love all the thoughts that certain things wouldn't get stuck in the tree, but did. Who would have thought that rebar would get stuck?

Nej said...

And most of the time, it stuck on the first throw. I just don't want to be around that tree during a wind storm....or a lightning storm either, for that matter. :-)

Kinda bummed the volleyball is gone though. :-)

MJenks said...

In three days, you'll get a picture of the volleyball with a note demanding a ransom, all in letters cut from the newspaper.

Nej said...'s one of those WalMart volleyballs I've had forever...that's yellow with the smiley face. In the picture, it will be a frown...with maybe even a tear. And he'll be holding a copy of the current day's newspaper.

Suddenly my volleyball became a male entity. More coffee maybe?

mo.stoneskin said...

Hilarious, but I don't understand how Mot managed to throw it up there in the first place? Bad aim? Did he slip as he threw it?!

Nej said...

@ mo - He stands on the other side of the property to throw....but he must have put a little more "umph" into it on his last throw. :-) :-)