Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Spring is finally here!

Bless me bloggers, for I have.....slacked. It's been two weeks since my last post.

Spring finally hit the Midwest, and I've taken to the out of doors. We've been spending time on the property picking up branches knocked down this winter. I've been raking the back yard to rid it of the.....ummmm....."left overs"....of having two dogs doing what they do all winter.

Sunlight being present past 5:30 at night has prompted me to actually get some stuff done around the house inside as well. (This year, turning on every single light in the house when I got home from work.....well, it just didn't work. I still pretty much went straight for the couch and my trusty cable service.)

I've also been getting up at 4:45 every weekday morning since January sometime.

With a 15 minute commute, and an 8:00 start time at work, why the heck would I get up at 4:45?

Ssshhhhhhhh.....don't tell anyone, but I've been trying something on for size.

(glancing left, then right)

(getting closer to the computer monitor)

(soft voice, nearly a whisper)

I've been.....(gulp).....running.

Yep, it's true. Me!! Running.

I didn't want to tell anyone, because when I do that, it tends to stop happening. I'm sure it's some psychological mumbo jumbo....but, it is what it is. It's like I scare it away by saying it's name out loud. Running.

I'm down a ton of weight and a ton of inches.

I've also been to 3 (count them) three physical therapists and a sports doc...resulting in weeks of physical therapy sessions over lunch....and most recently, an MRI.

All of this to be told I'm "a-typical." I needed all those people to tell me that....I've known that for ages!!! :-)

I've got shin splints, or something. For months and months and months now.

But, I finally got sick of it. I mean, if they are going to stick around, we may as well learn how to live together, right? :-)

So....add up being motivated to get sh*t done at night, and getting up well before the butt crack of dawn....and you get a blogger who has been horribly slacking on her posting.

Well...not any more. No sireeeee. I'm taking control!

So much for a mostly wordless Wednesday, eh????? :-)

Mot and I took Lauren out to shoot this weekend. The rifle she's holding.....yeah, it's been passed down from generation to generation in my uncle Kent's family. And, it's now being used to get yet another youth addicted to the sport. I love it!!!!!!!!

That girl grinned ear from ear for hours!


Brook said...

Yay for all your motivation and successful goal meeting! I have nothing to say about the blogging, after all I've posted everyday... NOT! Maybe soon...

Nej said...


mo.stoneskin said...

You've been running for two and a quarter hours? Crazy girl.

Nej said...

Two and a quarter hours. Wow...I'm tired just reading that. :-)

Brook said...

All of a sudden "Police Academy" just rolled into my head with the scene of the lady drinking a quart of oil and running on the freeway.

Nej said...


Slyde said...

ok, springs here.

when are you gonna start busing out the Sandal pics?

Moonspun said...

Yea for atypical you for getting out there and running! Getting up that early to do it is no small feat. (ha no pun intended!)

Nej said...

@ Slyde...I need to get some new ones so I have something to post, eh?? :-) :-) :-)

@ Moonspun...some days it's down right nearly impossible to get up and get motivated....but....if it was easy, I guess everyone would be doing it. At least I don't have to fight for a treadmill. :-) :-)