Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekend Update: Ice Bowl 2010

A long, long time a galaxy far, far away...there lived a fair maiden named Nej. Nej had a blog....but her readers were probably under the assumption she'd been kidnapped and sold into slavery....or abducted by aliens.....or maybe her body was found under the mountain of snow in her backyard that is just now finally melting.

I mean's March already, let's get this spring thing rolling, shall we?

I found out two things yesterday.....1) my car is actually red, not brown and white and 2) there really IS grass under all that white crap! Wahooooooo!!!!! :-)

Oh...but back to the fair maiden.

Monday night of this week, she sat her rump down in front of the laptop and started downloading pictures from her numerous camera memory cards and onto her computer. She was, by gawd, going to get some posting done this week, if it was the last thing she did! we are. An actual, honest to goodness blog post.


Ice Bowl 2010

Late last year, Mot and I were coerced into bowling on a bowling league...for the first time in many, many...many...many...many, many years.

And, it's been the best decision ever! We have had sooo much fun!!!!

In February every year, the bowling alley that hosts our league, is the venue for a tournament...put on by a committee from our bowling league.

Now, it's bad enough that I actually bowl where people can watch on a weekly basis....but entering me in any kind of competition....crazy talk! But who am I to say no??? :-)

Day one: Saturday. Bright and early, the singles tournament was underway. I didn't bowl half bad....but standing around talking to everyone was the highlight. I'm a wallflower, but I was trying to step outside my box that morning.

I'm glad I did....we had a blast!!

After singles was over, Danny and I teamed up for the doubles competition.

We won 8th...or was it 7th? We were in the top 10...let's just put it that way. Out of nearly 300 bowlers, we placed in the top ten. Me...with my 127 average. Yep...I bowled out my a$$. :-)

After doubles was over....I spent the afternoon in the back room, helping the committee enter bowling scores, keep track of the brackets, etc etc. That night, the five of us....Danny, Steve, Mot, Marianne (Steve's sister) and I went out to eat to celebrate Danny's bday!!!

Steve and his sis.

Mot, Nej and the birthday boy.

We had reservations in one of the back rooms. Sitting on the floor, on off....sliding doors for privacy....very fun!!!!

Our feet under the table. :-)

I don't remember what that food he has on his plate was....but he ordered it at a hot level 4 I believe.

It was so hot, he couldn't eat it....and he LOVES food that makes your tongue burst into flames.

Sunday morning we were back at it bright and early. Team competition. (Steve, Danny, Marianne and I)

You know how I bowled from my rear the day before during doubles? Yeah, well I completely let the team down on Sunday. Ugh!!!!

It was bad!

At one time, I rolled my ball down the lane....when it was about halfway down...the sweeper bar comes down out of no where, for no reason. BAM!!! My ball slams into it. Everyone around us looks over.


The one and only picture I took of someone actually bowling. I was paranoid my flash was going to bother the really serious bowlers, so I didn't get it out.

That night, after all the bowling was complete, we attended the banquet downtown.

Danny reading off names of the winners.

The team (and Danny showing off our doubles winnings).

And....three guesses where we went after the banquet.....but only one of them counts.


MJenks said...

Bowling and boozing go together, hand-in-hand.

Monetary prizes from competitions and boozing go together, as well, hand-in-hand.

I can only imagine that the universe would have STOPPED if you didn't take the monetary prizes from bowling and go boozing with them.

Nej said...

@ mjenks - we thought the same thing...and there was NO WAY we were going to tempt fate by not doing what is expected....spending our bowling money boozing! :-) :-)

Brook said...

I love bowling but completely suck at it. We were talking last night about the fine line where drinking begins to impair your game. Of course it was just Wii bowling but still fun!

Nej said...

@ Brook - drinking would probably improve my game greatly...but when I drink, my fingers swell up. And....swollen fingers in bowling balls are practically deadly.

"Girl eaten in bowling pin setter, swollen fingers keeping her from letting go when throwing the ball to blame. News at Eleven."