Friday, February 26, 2010

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Meet Ferret

When meeting new people, I try not to smear their reputation by posting videos of them doing silly things on my blog.
At least, not until we've hung out more than once.

After that.....they're fair game like everyone else.

(pictures, on the other hand, go into effect immediately)

In an attempt to protect the innocent, we shall call him.....Tim?

(hehehe...gotta love a Monty Python reference!)

But Tim doesn't work. How about Ferret?

(nickname origin is secret, and shall not be divulged)

(for any cost)

(unless it's a bunch of money...then maybe)

(or jewelry)

(there's a new Audi that's pretty nice)


Ferret's awesome! And this video is one of the reasons he gets along with the group so darned well.

(he's the guy in the brown sweater)

Whoops...nope, that's not the one. :-) :-) Love ya Mot!!!!

Oh it is.

(keep happens about 27 seconds in)

Avoid the camera when it's recording? Nope, not for him.

Make a statement when camera is that's more like it! :-)

And then there's this one.....

He may hate me for posting this...but Steve insisted.

That's right Ferret, blame Steve. I had nothing to do with it.


Really. :-)

Welcome to the group Tim. :-) :-) :-)


Brook said...

You're a riot! Actually all of you are. HI TIM!!!! The last time I did that at a bar I forgot I wasn't wearing an undershirt. Bourbon'll do it every time. The only bad thing is I didn't even get any beads =( of course I wasn't in New Orleans either. Have a fun weekend!

Nej said...

No beads for shirt lifting. A crime!!!! :-)

Slyde said...

thats awesome :)