Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekend Update #41: (part 4) Happy New Year!!!!

Our last day in Denver. (sigh)

Since we didn't have a ton of time before catching our flight (needed to be at the airport around 1:00 or so)...I suggested we check out the state capital building. The architecture in those places is usually awesome!!!!!!

We weren't disappointed.

Those are actual canon balls as finials. Now THAT'S my kind of capital. :-)

Just as we entered the building, we passed a tour guide and two people he was showing around. The tour had just become, so we tagged along. He was awesome! Personable, knowledgeable, and interesting to listen to. He knew that we were still listening, as we were looking around. He didn't need us to stare at him the whole time. He was excited about the information he was passing on.


When we found out we could take the 99 stairs to the top of the didn't have to tell us twice!!!

This was one of those staircases that gives you vertigo, whether you normally get it or not. :-)

This is a picture taken from the main floor. We ended up two levels above this when it was all said and done.

It's not my's that out of focus painting. It made my head spin. :-)

The tour didn't take as long as we'd planned, so Steve thought we should check out the church across the street.

Denver's Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (quite the mouth full).

So....does anyone out there know what this symbol means? Or is it just a random cool doorknob??

After checking out the cathedral, we headed back over to the Fainting Goat for one last lunch before leaving town.

Before heading to the airport, we packed our lightweight jackets into our luggage, and pulled out the winter gear. It was in the 40's in Denver, and-40 in Omaha. (sigh)

Security at the Denver airport wasn't any higher or stricter than usual, as far as we could tell. So getting there early was....was really early.

The four of us copped a squat at the gate, and waited for our plane to arrive.

Danny went and found an ice cream place (and showed his displeasure of my camera coming out, yet again.) :-)

Mot, Steve and I tried out my brookie.

Yep, brookie. I got it at the pie shop/bakery in Estes Park, but hadn't tried it yet.

It's a cookie and a brownie, for those people that can't make up their minds.

I was surprised security didn't confiscate it. It weighed a ton, and could be used as a weapon.

But it was surprisingly tasty. :-)

Unfortunately, this was when we found out that only three of us had seats on the plane. We'd had our tickets for months...but the airline royally messed up. Steve had a seat, and the other three of us were put on standby. They'd gotten two volunteers to take a later flight...but that still left one of us without a seat.

Eventually, they found one more volunteer and we were all good to go.

Some of us better than others.

Danny ended up with a first class seat.

Jerk. :-) :-)

I was seated next to a tall and large dude, completely terrified of flying. We talked the whole way to Omaha.

While standing at baggage claim in Omaha, I saw Mot walk over to him. It turns out he knows the guy's mom. She works at the gas station by our house. Small world.

To say it was cold in Omaha when we arrived would be a serious understatement. The four of us had to remove the inches and inches of snow from the Jeep before we could even pull out of the airport parking lot.

After we dropped the boys off, we headed back out of town, to Mot's parents house to pick up Sam.

By the time we got home, for good, we were all bushed and headed for bed.

The End :-)

To see all the pictures I took in Denver, check out my Webshots page.


Elliott said...

You are a travelogger extraordinaire, you've added so many things to my list of things to see.

Love the brookie, I've made such things in the past. Thankfully, they tend not to confiscate food, only drinks. However, my sister did get the 'extra special security experience' leaving Tampa when her giant Florida avocado sent up a red flag.

Had a great breakfast burrito in the Denver airport, once upon a time. That was NOT during my eight-hour layover there.

And for fear of this becoming a novella in your comments section, if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend looking for cheap trips to Rome. You can take the 300 steps to the top of St Peter's dome and you can see the whole city from up there.

Brook said...

I believe the doorknob design is Celtic in origin, symbolizing various things depending on your belief system, ranging from the Maiden the Matron and the Hag, the Holy Trinity and the nature of Infinity, to the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. B has a ring with this symbol on it and we did a little research.
Years and I mean years ago we had trouble at that airport of a similar nature.
At first I was trying to think what recipe I had posted and called by my childhood nickname... =)
You can pack a lunch and take it on a plane as long as any liquids are less than 3oz.
my wv is ilsingeo which should be my nickname when it comes to singing-not super pleasant thing.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

The symbol is called a "triskele" and is used to symbolize three or something coming from one.

Actually, it's been used to symbolize a LOT of things throughout history. Not just Pater, Filii et Spritus Sanctus.

Nej said...

@ Elliott - It's exciting to finally get to a place in my life where I can travel. Besides a trip to DC in 8th grade, playing in the Fiesta Bowl (band) in high school, and singing in Korea a few years travels are quite limited. (in the US or international, either one)

I rec'd extra special attention in McAllen, TX...with a small cooler full of tamales. Wrapped by the aluminum foil. Looks similar to sticks of dynamite in the xray machine. Whoops. :-)

Rome is totally on my list of places to go. Actually, I should make a list of the places I don't want to would be much shorter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet the view from the top of St Peters dome is magnificent!!!

@ Brook - We asked the bakery how they make the brookie. The brownie was soft, the cookie was crisp...but they are baked at the same time. The guy said it took his brother 6 months to figure it out so it worked perfectly, and he wasn't going to tell us the secret. :-) :-)

We have a favorite drink made for us at our favorite bar. While in Denver, we found that all the booze can be purchased in small travel sized liquor bottles. (those things are so cute!!) The little bottles of Chambord are sweet!! :-)

Nej said...

@ mjenks - I was willing to bet money that you'd know what that symbol was all about!!!! :-) It was on an old wooden door, off the beaten path.

Plus, I've been listening to the DaVinci code in my car on my way to and from work. Can't help but have your imagination run away with you when the two are combined. :-)

Elliott said...

The tamale thing isn't new, someone else I know had the same issue. But hey, tamales!

Nej said...

The airport lady asked me what was in the cooler. I told her I had 4 dozen tamales, wrapped in aluminum foil...and some ice...that might be less ice and more water (the wait at the airport was longer than I had hoped).

She stuck her hand into the cooler, then yelled at me because her hand was wet.

Hello!!! What part of ice melting don't you get?

Homemade tamales from the border...I get a bunch every time I go down for work. Yum!!!

Moonspun said...

Wow...great pictures. Have no idea what that symbol means...but I have enjoyed your journey to Denver and your detailed post!

Nej said...

@ Moonspun - thanks! I started this blog because I thought I was boring and didn't do anything...wasn't living a full life. The blog has taught me that even the small things (i.e. what I did last night, last weekend) can fill up a life quite nicely. :-)

Amy said...

Gimmie a bite dat Brookie Nej. it looks tasty.

Slyde said...

have i mentioned lately how badly i want to visit Denver one day?

Nej said...

@ Slyde - do it!!!