Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Cold Doesn't Begin to Describe It

It's been cold here lately. Uber cold. Friggin' freezing. Downright miserable.

I woke up Friday morning, and noticed wet spots forming on the ceiling of our bedroom.

Oh yeah, we've got an ice dam on our roof...under the 3.5 foot snow drift....and it's leaking into our house.


I love this weather, I love this weather, I love this weather.

The coldest day of the year, and we have to spend it on a ladder busting ice off of our roof.

Without hitting the shingles.


Sam, being a true lab, was loving the weather...and loving the fact her humans were outside in the snow with her.

So...after much begging and pleading on her part...we took a break to play.

The snow is three times as deep as she is tall, but that's not stopping her...oh no!!!

Well...until her little puppy feet got cold. When that happened, she found the warmest spot she could find to stand.

On Mot. No sooner had he fallen into the snow, she jumped up on him.

She's not dumb. :-)

P.S. Moonspun....I'm wearing my "hat with balls" in that top picture...unfortunately none of the crochet balls are hanging in the front for you to see.


Brook said...

aside from the sucky parts it looks like fun. Sam is growing so fast!

Nej said...

It WAS fun! (aside from the sucky parts, of course) That top picture was taken a few moments after Mot snuck up and pushed me into the snow. I was already off balance, trying to walk through the snow that was up to my waist. :-)

Sam is getting huge...quickly! She asks to be let outside more and more....she loves this weather!!!

Elliott said...

The dammit loves the snow, he's been taking advantage of the frosty grass in the morning whenever he can, snow being a non-event in Florida (oh, wait, I forgot about last weekend...)

I like to think any dog that doesn't enjoy the cold and snow gets mocked by the other dogs.

Nej said...

@ Elliott - I'd have to agree! Our Scotties all love the cold and snow. And the St. Bernard I grew up with obviously loved it. :-)

Moonspun said...

Oh my god! You two look frozen and yet you are smiling! I stood too long talking to a carpool mom this morning in our chilly weather and my toes went a bit numb. I can see a hint of your balls in that first picture, can't I? Oh wait, that sounds wrong!
My daughter added a pom pom to her crochet had and it looks very cute!

Nej said...

@ Moonspun - one or two of my balls might be peeking out, not sure. :-) :-)

We were totally freezing to death...the windchill was -30something. But I really do love the winter. The snow, the cold. We went inside and hid until hockey that night. Cold, cold, cold!! :-)