Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Kentucky Vacation, Day 3: Massages and Bourbon, it doesn't get much better than this!

We got up bright an early again Friday morning. Well, maybe not so early. All the martinis from the night before had me sleeping until our alarm went off at 8 am. I would have slept longer had it not gone off. :-)

Mot and I were scheduled for massages at the hotel spa. Yeah!!! Three cheers for massages!!!

Hip hip hooray, hip hip.......ah, you get the point.

I was assigned a very small lady masseuse, with little pokey fingers. Mot was given a woman of larger stature, who beat the crap out of him. He threw his back out a week or so ago catching some lady at the massage worked wonders on those tense and tight muscles.

I must say, the hot stone massage I received was much better than the tortures that fell upon me at the bath house in Korea. Ouch!!!

When the appointments were over, we met the boys and headed off for breakfast.

Mmmmmm.....waffle house. :-)

From there, we took off in search of the Bourbon Trail.

Neither Mot or I are bourbon drinkers (although, I do fancy myself a glass of tequila that's been aged in a bourbon barrel....yummmmyyy)...but the boys are. And who am I to turn down the opportunity to tour some distilleries??

When we pulled into the drive taking us to the first place, I knew it was going to be a good day. Some of the autumn leaves were still hanging on....the road was gorgeous.....and the sky was bright blue.

The first distillery we visited was Buffalo Trace. And, I must say, it was by far the best distillery we visited all weekend!!!

This is our tour guide, Freddie. He made the trip even more enjoyable!!!!!

"Say it with me.....I solemnly swear to only drink half."

After we drank half, he added root beer to the rest. Heaven!!

We bought a bottle.

Of the liquor...not to the root beer.

After the official tour, we wandered the grounds a little.

Yes, they still move the barrels around by rolling them.

(to be cont)


Brook said...

I just read about the Bourbon Trail as a vacation oh, maybe 3 weeks ago. Girl you should have said cause I would have met you there! It's only a few hours from my house...A couples massage sounds very nice indeed. It looks like the weather was perfect for your tour too! J-E-A-L-O-U-S!!!!! Especially since I love bourbon! And massages. And Waffle House. You get the idea.

Nej said...

So, you're telling me I need to look at a map before I head out the door? (giggle) I had no idea I was that close to you!!!


Bourbon, massages and waffle doesn't get much better than that.

Well, unless you substitute bourbon with tequila...then Jenny is a happy girl. :-)

Badass Geek said...

I swear. I'm going to move into your basement and tag along when you guys go on trips. You always go on the best trips.

Nej said...

@ Badass - that's fine. I'll just move all the gym equipment we don't use out of the way. :-)

Brook said...

You know, not EVERY time...but when you head to the Southeast for sure. Just sayin! FYI, after the last time I am avoiding tequila for awhile so I'll take your word on the sipping tequila. You have also reminded me that I am out of bourbon. Gotta get to store here soon.

Nej said...

Yeah, after my Halloween party tequila episode, I haven't had any since. I'll have to remedy that tonight before (during and after) the hockey game!!!!!

"Hello out there, we're on the air, it's hockey night tonight....."

I found myself on this trip, asking the question "OK, what state are we in now?" allot. Talk about zero preparation and research. I love flying by the seat of my (our) pants on vacations!!!!!!!! I spend all day at work planning, scheduling, of my pants is awesome! :-)

I, Nej, solemnly swear to look at a map before she heads in a south/southwesterly direction from now on! (hehehe)

Brook said...

I just asked for a free dvd on Trekking Mongolia on horseback. Looks so fun to me! And yes-check your map!

Nej said...

Trekking Mongolia, eh? What brought that about??? So.....when are we going? ;)