Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Kentucky Vacation, Day 2: A St. Louis driveby, and pub crawling in Lexington.

We got up bright and early Thursday morning, ate breakfast at Waffle House (ummmm....Waaffffflllleeee Hooouuuusssee), then hit the road.

On our way through St. Louis, Danny pulled off the interstate (suddenly) to check out some towers he sees every time he makes the trip through town, but has never stopped before.

They were pretty cool...but the boys kept getting after me when I'd have them stop in the middle of the road so I could take a picture. The neighborhood was deserted, buildings and houses boarded up...there was no traffic. Geesh! :-)

There goes the Arch. I love St. Louis!!!!!

Rest area stop.

I was acting like I was a spy, or a member of an undercover stakeout. You should see all the pics I have of the guys walking back to the car. :-)

Yep...he's skipping. And, I believe he was singing "We're on vacation. We're on vacation." I could completely relate!!!!!

This is what happens when Mot takes my camera away. Closeup shots of my nose! :-)

We arrived in Lexington later that evening.

When you show up to a hotel lobby, and there's a lady serving free drinks of bourbon and Ale8...then you know you're going to have a good trip!

We moved our luggage to the rooms, then walked around the grounds to check the place out. Our hotel for the next two nights was the Griffin Gate Marriott Resort.

On one side of the property is a mansion turned restaurant...aptly named The Mansion. :-)

It wasn't open. :-(

From the hotel, we headed into downtown Lexington to check the place out. It had grown dark by then, so we decided to settle in at an Irish pub we happened upon by accident.

From the Irish pub, we drove to an English pub for dinner.

The pot roast was to die for. The Shepard's pie had mozzarella cheese on this an English thing I'd never heard of before?

I'm not sure what I said before this shot was taken...but Mot was obviously perplexed by something. :-)

Mixed berry crepes for dessert.

(to be cont.)


Badass Geek said...

I'm pretty sure I go through life with a similar confused expression on my face.

Nej said...

@ Badass - It seems like I remember it being something I said...but you can just never tell. :-)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I've been to Lexington a few times. Each time, I really enjoyed it. Too bad it's polluted with all those UK fans.

For what it's worth...I do like Louisville a little better.

Nej said...

@ mjenks - I wish we'd had a day or two more so we could check out Louisville a little.

I still think winning the lottery is the way to go...then we don't have to come back until we've seen all there is to see.

Note to self: Must win lottery.

Employee No. 3699 said...

Sounds like fun...except for Shepard's Pie. What is Shepard's Pie anyway?

Nej said...

@ 3699 - it's a casserole of sorts....mashed potato, then a mixture of beef and vegetables...then a mashed potato crust.

We've never had one, or ever heard of one being made with mozzarella cheese on the top. It was kinda strange. :-)

Mot said...

that is not me
I deny being there at all with that look on my face.
I might of been having an out of body experience
I look like an .. .. .. wow I am speechless.

I really dislike that picture.

evil woman

Nej said...

So, Mot.....will you start maybe allowing pictures of us to be taken? So that I'm not reduced to using shots like this? The only one of the two of us all weekend? :-) :-) :-)

Sharon said...

OMG This made me laught. Our hubbies are so similar. Don't know how many pictures I have of Bruce where he's making faces (or fingers) and then complains when I post them. You should see the lot I took the last time we went hunting.

Linda G. said...

Another fan of the St. Louis water towers!

Nej said...

@ Sharon - Not sure if Bob is the same way with pictures, but the odds are good, aren't they? :-)

@ Linda - Danny thought they were water towers....thanks for the link...I'll pass it on to him as well!!! :-) :-) :-)

Too bad the staircase on the red one was taken the view from the balcony is wonderful!