Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From my dad......

OK...about a million years ago I posted a Waaaayyy Back Wednesday post about some of the vehicles I've driven and owned.

My family has recently discovered my blog, and I got this email from dad today. :-)

DAUGHTERS!! They eat food, grow up, pack up and move away and forget all the important details. I just read your blog entry about the pick up being T boned (65 or 69 pickup). It was a 1969 Ford F350. With a 391 cubic inch engine with 4 barrel carb and a very rare 9 inch low gear rear end. It was the great granddaddy of the super duty ford now sells and its performance is what gave Ford pick ups the sales edge the last few years (40 or so). The pick up was a deluxe model that had factory a/c. Most pickups sold in the Midwest at that time did not have a a/c and the few that did were mostly added by the dealer. It also featured the New (at that time) 4 way hazard flashers. The convenience group included a 2nd fuel tank. To switch tanks you turned the valve by the drivers seat and then threw a switch for the gas gauge to read the other tank. Prior to this the 2nd tank was not hooked to the gauge at all. You simply switched tanks when the motor started to sputter. Yes we had raw gasoline plumbed directly to the passenger compartment but this was indeed a safety improvement because your great grandfathers pickup had the gas tank located conveniently behind the passenger seat.
They just don't build them like they use to. (Thank God)

Also, he had a little tidbit of information regarding the post I did about my buddy's new car, Nurple.

The Galaxy 500 of April's is significant in automotive history as it was a very reliable car that helped Ford gain back market share in the 1960's. The Ford full size cars of the late 1950's caused Ford to lose sales due to the electrical systems being very unreliable, and left allot of people walking home (no AAA road club back then and cell phones were not even mentioned in science fiction). The 1950's Fords also needed a specially trained rocket scientist with a minor in Voodoo to properly adjust the transmission. Since that combination was in very short supply the world can thank Ford for the birth of AMMCO transmission franchise's.
The Galaxy 500 has always been one of my favorite cars.

Now, I have to say, this post makes me feel better for a number of reasons. 1) At one time I remembered my truck as a F350, but once, while talking about it, someone said they didn't make 350's in 1969. Now I know I was right. If only I know who told me otherwise!!! 2) My dad rocks!!!!

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Cowguy said...

LOL guys do NOT forget their trucks. Old girlfriends, anniversary's, electric bills... yeah. But not their trucks.