Monday, September 21, 2009

Corporate Cup Run 2009

Once again, our company participated in the Corporate Cup Run, to promote the American Lung Association.

A small group of us met before the event, for snacks and power food. :-)

We met at Joslyn, a local art museum.

At 7:30, we headed down to the start line. Check out our shirts this year. The runners "got it"...they all thought it was hilarious. The walkers all kept asking us for directions. This either means runners are smarter....or.......

It was the second largest turn out, in the events history.

There is no way this guy could run in those things. No. Friggin. Way.

Some ran in hula skirts and leis.

Steve got the best time for our company.

Rick wasn't far behind.

Jake walked with us.....until we turned the corner at the half way mark, and decided to make a play in front of the camera. :-)

The walkers all finished the 10K in just under 2 hours. We weren't speeding along the's just an excuse to get us outside, burn some calories, and support the American Lung Association.

I'm going to figure out this shin splint thing and run it next year...that's just all there is to it.

Some of us got together at the end of the race.....and headed out for brunch.

We were a might bit under-dressed for the establishment....but the fact we all matched helped. :-)

Jean and Jake hammed it up for the camera before our food arrived.

Mimosas and Belgium waffles......yum!!!!


Brook said...


Nej said...

Lots!!! :-)

mo.stoneskin said...

Forgetting about whether he could actually run or not, tiny hideous shorts like that should be illegal.

Nej said...

Supposedly, he runs like a bat out of h*ll in them....but I didn't get to see it. The looked painful, but did give us a smile on an early Sunday morning. :-)

Linda G. said...

Great pix (as always)! LOVE the shirts! And, have you tried a chiropractor for the shins? I'm amazed at the help I'm getting right now for some other leg issues.


Nej said...

Went to the physical therapist today, actually...the one that helped me after my shoulder surgery. I feel SOOOO much better (mentally) after leaving there this morning. He thinks this was all caused by those 3 calf muscles I tore last year. (go figure) Compounded with my INSANE high arches. He said that he saw no reason why I shouldn't be up and running (outside) very soon.

The PT that my doctor recommended told me it was because I was so overweight. I didn't go back to him after he told me that.

My shoulder therapist this morning just shook his head when I told him about the weight comment. He said that it 100% wasn't an issue.

He LOVES when non traditional runners come in for help.

His excitement made me feel so much better!!!!!

Linda G. said...

Yea for the good guys! (like your PT person) Pthhh on the others. BTW, if you want to get really psyched for running, watch "Spirit of the Marathon." I got it from Net Flix. It will make you a little weepy and ready to run!

Nej said...

Spirit of the marathon. I'm writing that one down now. I need stuff to watch while on my bike, on the trainer, in the basement...once the weather gets cruddy...or it's too dark to ride when I get off work. (which is coming entirely too soon!!!) :-) :-)

By the way, what was your official time at the L&C? I keep waiting for a post about it. :-)

Linda G. said...

My "chip time" was 3:06 and a few seconds. It's weird, I've been in kind of a funk since the race. Today the owner of Fleet Feet sent out an email saying a post-event let down is super common. I'm feeling better today (Am definitely going to Memphis in December!) and starting to feel like writing about. Didn't see this coming!

Nej said...

Full 26 in Memphis?? Man, I really admire what you're doing. Kicking b*tt and taking names. :-)

3:06 is an AWESOME time!!!!!!!

I can imagine, that after all the gearing up you do for a race, there would be a "down" time afterwards. I mean, you worked for and accomplished your goal. Now what? New goal!!!!!! :-) :-)'re getting help with your mile 11 pain from the chiropractor???

Linda G. said...

Oh no...another half! If I do a marathon, it's many, many months away! Memphis is good for me, it's on a Saturday and I can be back for Sunday. (No more Sundays off for me for a while!) And, there will be music all along the course. How fun!

The chiropractor helped a lot with the quads/knees pain before the race. He says he can help with the foot stuff..that's it's something about my calves.

Nej said...

I was going to be even more impressed if you jumped into a full one right away. I'm impressed enough with another half!!!!!! :-) :-)