Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Update #32, Friends, Family, and Bowling

This weekend was nice. It was full of seeing friends and family, spending time just the two of us, some lazy time, with a cherry of utter sports humiliation on top. :-)

Friday night was great. Mot didn't feel like cooking, there were no groceries in the house, and neither of us wanted to be home. I emailed the boys, and we ended up meeting at a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. We were to meet at 6:00, so we stopped by a local furniture retailer to pick up a desk I'd ordered last week. (It looks like it was meant for the spot I put it in, I tell ya!)

Anyway, after we ate, the boys went home to pick up a pie Steve had made, and Tom and I went to the store for cool whip. Can't eat a fruit pie without it, right??? :-)

We played a couple hands of cards, started a fire in the "tomato"....the boys had golf the next morning, so we broke up the party fairly early (for the four of us). :-)

Saturday was the perfect day. The weather was in the low 70's as a skies, a few clouds, and very little wind. I woke up and went down to feed the cats.

Morgan was there, Nala wasn't.

Nala is a pig. She'll knock you over if she thinks you're going towards her food bowl to feed her.

So her not being there was a bit strange.

I looked throughout the house, the garage...calling her name. Something was amiss. It was then I started checking windows. And, the last window I checked downstairs showed me what I was afraid of. The little snot had snuck outside.

So I went outside and called and called. Nothing.

Mot went after he got out of the shower, and we found her under the back deck. Covered in cobwebs and freaking out. Yowling the most pitiful meows I've ever heard. Dumb cat!!! :-)

Robin and Switch came by to pick up a curio cabinet we were no longer using. She was on her way to get her eyes checked, after 20 million years of taking Advil every day for headaches!!!! I made her take a picture while she was there to prove it to me. :-)

We headed out after they left.

We went to Mo. Valley and ate breakfast at the diner there. Then we went to mom and dad's house. They'd just gotten a new kitten, and I had a gift bag for the new arrival (we take new pets very seriously). :-)

Sugar is awesome. We played with her for an hour or so, then headed down to Double Barrel to see Chris and Jody. They own the local gun shop, and we've been friends for a number of years. After hanging out there a number of hours, we headed to another friend of ours that lives in the country outside of town.

After driving around out on his property, we located him near the new duck/goose hunting pond he created last year (or was it the year before? I forget). We sat in the bed of his pickup and talked. We talked crops, we talked hunting, we talked about some stupid crop duster that dumped some stuff on his organics, and killed off quite a bit. Not cool. :-(

He had family in town, so we parted ways after our chat.

From there, we went home...and had ourselves a lazy afternoon. Mot read some books, I watched some TV and did some napping. All the windows and doors in the house we open. Cool breeze blowing through. Bliss!!!!

Sunday was another lazy morning. We both laid in bed and read until about 9:30. Mot made his biscuits and gravy for breakfast...yummo!!!! We left the house about noon, and wasted time until bowling started.

Oh yes, you heard me....Mot and Nej are bowling again. After how many years???? His fire department schedule doesn't allow for consistent league participation, so we stopped playing when he got the job. The boys asked us if we wanted to bowl on their league....and we said "hell yeah."

The IGBO league is on Sunday afternoon. And I LOVE bowling!!! But, I really stink at it.

Really, really, really stink at it.

84, 88, 111 were my scores yesterday. Small children and Chihuahuas can bowl better than I can. OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration. I tend to be a little hard on myself, if you haven't figured that out yet.

In this case, I can use my sucky bowling powers for good, not evil. Danny's team needs the handicap. And boy can I provide!!!!!! (hehehehe)

Since Sunday was the first day, it was free bowling, and the four of us bowled together, not on our league teams (I'm bowling with Danny's team, Mot is bowling with Steve).

Mot ran into a classmate from high school while we were there. One of the first sentences out of her mouth "I KNEW you were gay!!" I"m still giggling.

This league is going to rock!!!!

From there, we went grocery shopping, then home to hang out and prepare for the week ahead.

Mondays come way to soon!!!!!!!!! :-)


mo.stoneskin said...

Mo valley? I didn't see you there.

"cherry of utter sports humiliation"

That's not a cherry. It's a sour-tasting bit of fruit. Sports humiliation is the very worst and I know it too well.

Nej said...

I was waiting for you to greet us when we got there...but didn't see you. Must have just missed us? :-)

Yes, sour tasting it is....but I was trying to not cry in my, Mt. Dew. :-)

Slyde said...

ya know.. im not gonna keep comming here if you dont keep putting up show pics!

Nej said...

@ slyde - show pics???

Badass Geek said...

I've said this before, but you seem to have the best weekends.

Nej said...

@ Badass - there are weekends were all I want to do is hide in my house. Then I think about the blog, and I think about how short life is...and it gets me out of the house. Blogging has been very good for me, as crazy as that sounds. :-) feeling any better?