Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weekend Update #31: Computers, Shopping, and Staying Home

I was so excited about not having to travel 2000 miles this weekend, and being able to stay excited, in fact, that I didn't stay home this weekend.

I know, makes no sense to me either. :-)

Mom, Inny, Lauren and I headed up to Grandma's Friday a kind of girls night out. We met at the Godfather's in Blair for dinner. After eating more than we should have, and raiding the quarter machines for bouncy balls, and other nonsense we didn't need.....we moved our party to grandma's house.

She'd bought a new computer...quite some time ago I guess....and my first mission was to get it up and running for her.

I surprised myself. I mean, I'm not computer illiterate...but I'm not a "computer person" in any way. I can use them, but making them run if they decide to stop, hooking them up......just not my thing I guess. I'm more of a software gal. :-)

But, we got her old one taken down, new one up and and all! Yeah Nej!

By the time we ate, then got the computer all set up, we didn't get done what we wanted...we'll just have to do it another night. (hehehe)

Saturday was nice. Mot came home from work, and went right to bed. He'd spent all night out on med runs...and then from about 2:00 and on at an apartment fire. Poor thing was bushed!!!

When he woke up, we headed out to run some errands. Lunch, then Scheels for tennis balls (for Isaac) and .410 shells for grandpa's shotgun. While at Scheels, we also bought a box of blue rock and decided to shoot some clays that afternoon. We left Scheels with shells, clays and a trainer for my bike. (hey, it was on sale...and I've been looking at them for quite some time!!)

Anyway, from there we home and loaded up 4 of our shotguns and the thrower. On our way to his parents house, we stopped at a park near their place. Mot's oldest brother has become a BBQ competitor. The event was over by the time we got there...and people were packing up. I hope I'm able to go next year!

(His brother and buddy ended up getting 7th on their brisket, and 8th overall - or something like that. Congrats!!!!)

Man....the two of us had a blast shooting that afternoon!!! We haven't done that in WAAAAYYY too long!!! I took my 20 ga, my 12 ga, the .410, and Mot brought one of his 12 ga.

410 is my new addiction!!! I couldn't stop smiling and giggling the whole time. I'd never shot one before, and figured I wouldn't hit a thing. I was smashing everything!!! How fun!!!

When we were finished, we ate dinner with his parents, then headed home.

Sunday was a lazy morning. Until about 9:00 when Mot called, and said he'd gotten the day off and was coming home. :-)

We headed out for lunch, then back to Scheels. #1 - because we didn't get the tennis balls like we were supposed to the day before #2 - we needed more ammo for grandpa's shotgun (giggle). We also stopped to look at over/under 410 shotguns. I'd LOVE to take it out on the skeet range, but grandpa's is only a single shot.

(I told you I was addicted!)

From there we hit the bookstore (go figure), Target (nearest Starbucks from where we were), a Mexican Import place (it was a bust), Best Buy (need to replace our computer in the den, it was a research mission), Backwoods (free backpack), Lowe's (shelves for the living room)...then headed home.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. I watched some TV in between cat naps, and it felt great!!! :-) :-) :-)


Brook said...

I know! I got home Thursday late night and a highschool girlfriend that I hadn't seen in 20 years came over Friday with 2 of her kids to stay the weekend. Seems crazy but it was a good way to transition to "home" mode.
Confession-I have never shot more than a bb/pellet/airsoft gun-ever! I know, I know-what's a country girl like me doing not being able to shoot a gun. My grandfather and therefore my father felt like girls did not need to learn to shoot and so I never did(considering how mean they both were they were probably afraid they'd get shot by their wives! Kidding(just a little)!. Moving on...Derek's uncle shoots/hunts-maybe one day I'll learn. Sounds like you had fun and really, what a great way to remember your grandfather. Not shooting things exactly but remembering him in your shared hobby. Yay for days off and not driving for days and days!

Nej said...

I had a friend (since 2nd grade) call me out of the blue on either Sat or Sun this weekend. Hadn't talked to him in probably 8 or so years. I sent him a letter 3 years ago when we he'd have our new info...but didn't know if it ever reached him. All I had was address, no phone number.

So....imagine my surprise when I heard his voice on the answering machine!!!

They are coming to town for the next couple of weeks....trying to find a time we can get together..I can't wait!!! :-)

We will have to get some weapons out when you come up here. (hehehe)

Brook said...

Can't wait!

Badass Geek said...

So basically... if I need some help from someone who knows a thing or two about guns, I know who to call.

Nej said...

Yeah.....we'd be good candidates for a phone call. :-)

(ahem) For purely legal activities...of course. :-)

Goody Two Shoes said...

OK, next time you take Grandpa's gun out a "test drive" I want to go. You guys got me to shoot a gun for the first time and now I want to do it again.